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    You know, you should offer a class on shooting real estate.
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    Initially, I thought you were joking, because to me, I'm still learning and who am I to teach others? But then, I thought maybe you were being sincere, and I want to make sure to appreciate that as well. The thought has crossed my mind, but the only problem is that I don't know how to keep from inadvertently training my local competition in the process. One thing I've been doing from time to time is screen recording some of my photo editing process. I haven't done that with video yet, and I haven't even shared any of the vids with anyone, nor have I organized them any further than being in a folder named 'Edit Screen Recordings'. My progress & commitment to it are laughable at best, in my mind. lol I'm genuinely complimented by the thought, so thank you!
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    Aloha everyone! I made this thread in an attempt to promote sharing still photography related to real estate & architecture. While the obvious desire is to see some of those mad aerial skills, feel free to bam it with ground & interior images you'd like to showcase. So, in a nutshell, have a sweet property pic to share? Want some advice on a photo edit? Just wanna feel good about nailing a shot? Then this is the place to share it! I'll kick off the party with a few of my own. MODS: Could this one be pinned to the top with the video thread?
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    My fav you've posted so far. Nice!
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    Ok, last one for the night...another single frame. Enjoy!
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    Another single exposure interior, with a little bit of strobe work.
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    Here's another twilight shot from the M2Z. Pardon the low IQ, had to size it down pretty hard to fit the website.
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    Very interesting. I'm surprised to see the gray card come back into play, but then again, that's kinda cool. Haven't played with those in a while. It creates a clean look, and I think yours does a better job than most at not flattening the image and losing depth. Most of the ambient blending work I've seen looks like a CAD rendering, which I personally find undesirable, but that's just me. Good job, good work. I guess I'm still just old school, schlepping around strobes and working the piss outta my files. lol
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    Here's another flash-ambient blend:
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    For interior shots, I'm all about the flash-ambient technique. I don't have the skills of Jon to single flash these and get it the way I like.
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    And another, although admittedly this shot is a bit too high:
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    I'll join in here Jon. I tend to use my Mavic 2 Pro for exterior stills more than most would imagine. I also do some ground photography, but looking at my last few projects the M2P is getting a lot of exercise. Biggest thing with exterior drone shots is not to include too much roof. I try to keep my altitude parallel with the edge of the roof:
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    ...and lastly, this is an interior shot from a luxury vacation rental penthouse. The image here is a single exposure, no layering or HDR, just some gentle strobe work and a bit of work in Lightroom to bring in the view.
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    Hey, I live in California. You can train me I'm no threat to you. ( unless i buy one of these house you make look so good. ) But i do know a guy whos moving up to your area. I don't think he does real estate videos, but he does have some nice videos. Mainly 3D mapping. www.rprsolution.com
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