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  1. I did that with the $300 drone just got it out of the backpack all shiny and pretty but I didn't have the GPS on so when I took off it did this loopty-loop thing hit a tree flew down the tree then hit a car LOL all within 10 minutes of having it
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  2. Amazon has lots of good beginner drones. You can also look at hobbypartz. Like @Isabella | UAV Coach said, Buy a cheap drone to practice on. Once you're comfortable with it, upgrade to a better drone. If It's you're first drone, I wouldn't spend more than 100$ on it. I crashed and destroyed three drones while I learned to fly them. Thankfully I only spent 80-120$ on them. The last one I got failed on it own after two months of flying, then I bought a Typhoon H. Just be careful not to rush you're self while learning. Spend a few weeks or months ! flying them until you buy one that cos
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