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    Congrats on the 5 year anniversary! Keep up the good work helping to educate and train people around the world, like you said it's amazing how vast the drone industry has become and we can potentially be just scratching the surface on the capabilities of flight.
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    The fpv quad is working perfectly. Right now, you think you want it to act like a dji drone. It's likely that when you get proficient with it, you will want it to react properly. Which is what it does now. DJI has their controllers set up that way so that almost anyone can fly it. At least in an open field. FPV quads are designed to be fully controlled by the operator every second. Your fingers will learn where the throttle needs to be to hover. You got this! 😉
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    Nicely done. Keep this video, it will be worth something someday. In normal times, even when the park is closed there are people in it cleaning, doing maintenance etc.. Here’s what I hope you’ll take as constructive criticism. During a lot of the dissolves the motion started on the second clip (what you were dissolving to) in the middle of the dissolve. If the motion had begun prior to the dissolve the video would flow much better. Your video is such a stark reminder of what we’re all going through. So with tongue in cheek I thank you for sharing..