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  1. @Av8Chuck Awesome information! Thanks so much. I’ll definitely talk to my firefighter friends about this and see their point of view!
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  2. Government initiatives like these like to take credit and issue press releases to brag about it. I don’t believe this campaign had much to do with changing the behavior of drone pilots. We have worked with a lot of fire departments, a couple of years ago if a drone appeared anywhere near airborne operations they would shut them down. After two highly publicized midair collisions between helicopters and drones put the risk into perspective many incidence commanders have (unofficially) relaxed their zero tolerance drone policies they’re using their own judgements to make decisions. There are probably more manned aircraft incursions into the TFRs than drones. Two years ago if you posted aerial footage of these massive fires on YouTube it would probably go viral, today It’s common place to see all kinds of footage from people escaping the fires so the aerial Footage is no longer unique. Much of the incentive to shoot aerial of these fires is gone so there’s no longer a “market” for it so fewer drone operators are flying around fires. Sorry in advance if this is mentioned in the article. I haven’t read it yet.
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  3. I think this is really interesting. Do the firefighters or other personnel involved have a way of identifying what type of drones also enter these areas? I'm assuming a good majority would be DJI due to their grasp of the industry, but could it be lower end models or higher end?
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