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  1. Also their Instagram post about being at a drone expo in Japan was a lie (see attached pic). Clearly photoshopped logos and they weren’t on the list of vendors on display. https://ssl.japan-drone.com/en_la/results/exhibitor_list.html If I had to guess, unless anyone has met them in person, they’re not even in Canada.
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  2. I was looking into them around July and backed out once I saw their Google reviews. Clearly fraudulent and paid for. Multiple reviewers giving 5 stars to Drones Force, locksmiths in Jamaica, places in France, etc. All were either world travelers that happened to review the exact same unique places; or they were paying a firm for fake reviews which is illegal in the USA. Then the ads saying “franchise” but in discussions saying it was a licensing agreement instead so they could attempt to get around FTC laws. Should get all affected and do a class action along with handing them over to the proper authorities in Canada. I doubt I was given anyone’s actual names though as they were ghosts on social media.
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