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  1. That’s a useless hypothetical question because the answer is different for every situation. It is totally possible to descend into the flight path of a helicopter, the same is true on any direction you turn. GA aircraft aren’t going to appear out of nowhere, you should be able to see and hear them at more than half a mile away. Most of the time when I see a plane or helicopter I continue doing what I’m doing. If the distance starts to close I usually just stop and hover until I can determine the best way to proceed. The earlier you know where the plane is relative to the drone the longer you have to make the right decision. If you find yourself where you have to react immediately because of your proximity to a manned aircraft it means there were other cascading events that led to the situation. But every situation is different and people who mindlessly chop the throttle probably shouldn’t be allowed to fly UAVs at all.
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