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  1. Ok Ya'll so I took the test today. While it says there is an introduction and 3 sections, it really is an introduction and one section. It took me about an hour or so to get through the intro and section one. Sections 2 and 3 are essentially other resources for you. Yes, you do need to get a 100% on the test - it was a 45 question multiple choice test. If you did read through the lessons you should be fine. Happy to answer any questions people have. Cheers, Adam
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  2. My understanding of Part 107 certification is that it never expires but you do need to take the recurrent test in order to be "operational". In other words if after 24 months of passing the initial test you don't take the recurrent test you can not fly commercially until you pass the recurrent test. I took my initial test back in September of 2016 and since I did not end up flying commercially I did not bother to take the re-current test in 2018 but would also be interested to know for sure if I can simply take this new free online recurrent test that should be available in March.
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