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    You maybe aware of this but in stabilize mode the throttle simply determines the speed and therefore thrust of the motors. Were you expecting a more controlled decent ?. If so you might want to try descending in Alt hold or one of the other modes that uses Alt Hold to control altitude. http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/altholdmode.html#altholdmode-controls As you will see in the above in Alt Hold mode the throttle stick is now controlling the rate of climb or decent rather than simply the thrust of the motors. Also note that a range finder like we have discussed in another thread is good to have if you are using this mode as its more accurate than the built in barometer of the flight controller that uses air pressure to sense altitude.
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    @JBR LIFE Photography Mahalo for opening the kimono and sharing these numbers and your approach with us all. This is great stuff!
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    Flying RC has been pretty standard to use a radio transmitter (Tx as it is called, DJI really screwed it up when they started calling an RC Tx a "remote controller") Actually DJI got a bunch of things wrong with there designs and lingo. IMHO. If you ever consider flying RC in the future (fixed wing, quads, heli's) I think learning and using the standard equipment that you'll find at every RC field (prob. in the world) would be in the "best practices" area. I also think that stick resolution and accuracy would not be anywhere near using a normal Tx. I too practice full scale on the sim and dont use a yoke, which I prob. should, but instead have used a stick with rudder pedals. But it seems interchangeable with flying full scale with a yoke and rudders. That flight stick is a pretty interesting idea though!!! bradp
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    And one more for today. I thought I'd share this small condo video to point out that cinematic video presentations can help almost any property. All ya gotta do is spend a bit of time finding the charm in a place. Enjoy!
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    Another one in the books! This one went into escrow about a week after listing, along with another I shot two weeks prior for the same new-to-me realtor. It's safe to say she's delighted with the progress since working together! Truth be told, it's the rainbow, not me. 🌈😂🎥🎬
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    https://www.terabee.com If the sensor is pointing down it can be used as an accurate way of measuring the distance the aircraft is off the ground. Yes, if mounted horizontally and configured appropriately although several sensors would be need for all round collision detection. https://www.terabee.com/shop/lidar-tof-multi-directional-arrays/teraranger-tower-evo/ No a big deal, in that case you just add a BEC that supports a 6S input voltage and provides a 3s output. Again, I have not used any of their products so I can't say if they work well or not although as I mentioned before I am considering using one of their products for use in a fixed wing UAV. Also I may look into their EVO sensors rather than their first generation Terra Ranger One. https://www.terabee.com/sensors-modules/lidar-tof-range-finders/
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    Yes it is! Let me know if you have any questions. stefan@nearview.net 207-200-7879
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    Aloha Franklin, and everyone else in the thread, I live in one of the most expensive places on the planet, so take the numbers with a grain of salt, but I thought sharing the concept of our pricing structure might help. First thing: I charge for photos by 1,000sqft brackets, and video is priced according to time duration. Add-ons include aerial photos, aerial video content, lifestyle content that cannot be shot from the property, sunset session. Second thing: All media is strictly licensed for use by the realtor only, unless licensed to the brokerage (sometimes the brokerage is very small, and pays for the agents' media). Media use is restricted to advertisements for the sale of the property, and for the realtor to use as continued ad content to further their biz efforts. Brokerage can use to advertise for the sale of the property only, and for the duration of the listing only. Ok, so here are the numbers, which should make a little more sense Photo Options: MLS Listing Photo Set (Interior/Exterior ground shots) $400 up to 1,000sqft. + $100 per additional 1,000sqft. (Up to 4,000sqft...if over that size, custom pricing kicks in). Aerial Photo Set $350 Video Options: Full Feature Cinematic Lifestyle (up to 3min max) $1,800 (includes aerial footage where applicable) Social Media Cinematic Highlight (1min max) $1,000 (includes aerial footage where applicable) Add-On Options: Sunset through Twilight Session $250 Off-property Lifestyle Content $250 Again, I work in a ridiculously inflated market, where the median home mortgage is over $800k, so these numbers might look silly to some of you. But the basic structure seems to work decently for me. If you have any questions, hit me up! Mahalo for your time!
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    Thank you Chase. At some of my sites, I am flying in relatively high winds, so am using the M200. I am in the process of gathering and analyzing data and am pretty confident that the workflow I have developed will be helpful for managing water leaks. The DJI Pilot software has its issues, but with time I think better options will be available.
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    Hi all, I am form Bangladesh, a fresh newbie here hoping to learn about commercial drones and uses as I don't much more about it. Just know with the rapid development of technology things are getting changed dramatically. I think drone is not lag behind to its gradual advancement. Thanks for taking your precious time.
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    It is but I would not rely on the barometer that's in the flight controller. You need a more accurate range finder at low altitudes. http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-rangefinder-landingpage.html I've used an ultrasonic one as it was the most economical http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-rangefinder-maxbotix-analog.html but if I were to add one these days I would try out one of these http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-teraranger-one-rangefinder.html I'm currently building a fixed wing drone and a rangefinder is essential for antonymous landing so will likely use one of those although they are that cheap.
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    Thanks for the list. Definitely useful for the flyers.
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    Hi folks! I'm excited to announce that we'll soon be redesigning the UAV Coach website, as well as this forum. Have gotten some great feedback from you all over the last several months and look forward to rolling everything out soon. In the meantime, in case you missed it on our blog or in our latest community update emails, I wanted to introduce Flyte, a drone flight ops management platform and our newest community sponsor. Click here to request a 30-day trial, and read more about their platform below. What are you using to plan and log your flights? What most people don’t realize about operating sUAS is that 80% of the work happens before and after the flight. That’s the sad reality of being a professional drone pilot. You’ll spend more time planning, logging, rendering and producing data than flying. An app like Flyte can streamline a big chunk of the non-flying part of your operation by helping you: Conduct airspace research. Need to know if you’re flying in controlled or uncontrolled airspace? If there are any other hazards or special airspace considerations in the area? You sure do. Capture / save / send that research. Check out the map below. See the alert and caution icons? And how you can create custom marks on the map? You can save all of that research as well. This is particularly helpful to send to a client or other crew members ahead of time. Good for demonstrating professionalism. Work offline and in-field. Flyte is good for using at home, but you can also use it in the field, before and after flying, to ensure you’re always equipped with the info and resources needed for strong situational awareness and in-the-moment logging. Log your flights, batteries, and aircraft. Even if you’re not a certified sUAS operator, you should be mindful of logging your battery usage and aircraft maintenance schedule. That’s just...taking care of your stuff. Not to mention the safety considerations. Flyte was built for both individual operators and teams. Their platform enables management of multiple pilots, drones, risk assessment / documentation to ensure the effective management and digital records of all activities. Click here to request a 30-day trial of Flyte for you or your company.
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    OSMO Mobile 2 For Sale $110 Used - Mint condition Free Shipping to the Continental USA No shipping outside the Continental USA No returns
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    Hi @Sandy , Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! The drone industry is exciting and full of opportunities. Do you know what you want to do with the drone? I am interested in learning more about what information you are looking for. Always feel free to ask any questions you may have, there are plenty of resources within the UAV Coach community! Best, - Chase
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    Hello to all! I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can about the drone industry, and hoping to become a part of that industry someday using drones creatively in a unique business model. To say I'm starting on the ground would be an understatement, but I'm motivated and determined to learn as much as I can. Thanks for being here!
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    Interesting I would have though that until the EKF shows white it would not have allowed you to arm i.e part of the pre-flight checks. Sometimes the GPS can't get a fix from a sufficient number of satellites when indoors but that should also have also stopped you from arming unless you have the arming checks disabled. http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/prearm_safety_check.html#prearm-safety-check Maybe EKF is not part of those checks. I'll have to look into that further. Anyway glad that its working now.
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    We tested it for a while and came to a similar conclusion that it had limited applicibaility in the field. We thought we might revisit using a joystick but never have tried it again.
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    Yah, this is a super loaded (but always fun to wax philosophical on) question. Replace "drone pilot" with "painter" — there are licensed and insured painters that get stuck in Craiglist / Thumbtack-land where it's a race to the bottom, and the painter can only sustain small paying gigs here and there. But then there are painters who stick with it and keep honing their craft. They know more than all other painters in their local geography. They've built a large network, have an impressive portfolio, online marketing presence and offline sales process and strong client delivery SOPs. They're painting commercial buildings and getting longer-term and larger contracts. OK, maybe not the best analogy, but I'm trying There are a myriad of opportunities out there. But, just getting certified and buying a drone won't get you any business. There's no easy money in this (or any service-based?) industry. It's the months and months and months of networking and business-building that'll make one pilot successful vs. another. I continue to be amazed by our students that are out there hustling and finding great work. The opportunities are out there. But they won't be handed to you on a silver platter.
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    Hey, definitely check out Shipwreck Beach. It's an approachable hike and a great spot to fly! Watch out for wind gusts I also found a couple of lookout points in the Princeville area that were fun to fly. There was a huge flood the week before we got there, so a lot of the island wasn't accessible and I couldn't explore as much as I would've liked, but some good spots to fly. Avoid the state parks! That's the big rule in the state of Hawaii.
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    While I haven't tried it, my initial reaction is that a joystick control seems like a great option if it is in a fixed environment, e.g. like when you are sitting in an aircraft or at a workstation with a sim. Walking around with it in an unfixed configuration with it attached to the remote does not seem ideal to me.
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    This has been possible with Pixhawk/Ardupilot flight controllers for years. there are a lot of videos demonstrating this.
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    Hi @Gryphon962 Welcome to the forum. Your prior aviation background will probably make passing the FAA's remote pilot test a breeze. There's still plenty to learn about commercial drone operations under the Part 107 rules, so it's worthwhile to familiarize yourself with them and get certified. The FAA does make an exception for pilots who already hold a manned pilot certificate issued under 14 CFR Part 61 and have completed a flight review within the previous 24 months. In that case, you wouldn't need to test, but complete a free course instead. Anyway, the Inspire is a good choice for many commercial applications. Hope you find the forum helpful as you work toward your certificate and business ventures.
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    In a first-ever advance in human medicine and transplantation, a drone has delivered a donor kidney to surgeons for successful transplantation in a patient with kidney failure at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland. A custom-built UAS and apparatus designed to maintain and monitor a viable human organ made the flight possible. The life-saving drone flight took place at night on an automated course at a height of 400 feet, permissible due to a daylight operations waiver granted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to the University of Maryland (UMD). Watch a video of the flight that made history from takeoff to landing in our recent article: Dialysis Patient Receives First Successful Drone Delivery of Kidney for Transplant
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    Thanks! Pictures would be helpful if you have them. @Isabella | UAV Coach — let's get this included in this week's newsletter.
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    If you thought he was serious, that’s great sarcasm...
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    They’re gonna need a faster drone. Also, rumor has it, the drone can only turn left. https://jalopnik.com/racings-most-advanced-camera-equipped-drone-is-coming-t-1834298300
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    Oh ok, I got it right away until I thought you were serious.... And I was like " wait, what !!"
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    @JBR LIFE Photography which lenses are you using with your A7? Remember, the A7RIII is a full frame camera that shoots great 4K video and 43MP stills. I think the resolution in this camera outweighs the difference in dynamic range. @Talon Six Aerial keep in mind that for aerial the ability to control the camera from the ground in real-time is a significant advantage. It’s quite easy to control the Sony, not sure how you’d do that with the BM-Pocket Camera. @JBR LIFE Photography remember this conversation from about a year ago? I don’t think you had started using the A7 yet. I know the economics haven’t changed but Imagine getting aerial with that camera! It will rock your world. We’re flying the A7 with the Sony G240mm lens. It’s amazing...
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    I did with this video. Just 2.0 in FCPX.
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    As soon as I can find one, I'll be picking up a BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K to add to the camera bag. Its dynamic range is extremely impressive and I already have more than half a dozen MFT lenses.
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    Another bare commercial lot video. These are very difficult for me from a storytelling aspect, so I'm largely relying on the client to provide the verbiage that will keep viewers engaged for 60 seconds. Upbeat music, speed ramps, and whip transitions help, but overall these types of videos are a big challenge. I used the Mavic 2 Pro for this shoot with an ND16 filter that I don't think was enough. After not getting the sharpness I would have liked for this video, I immediately ran out and bought an ND32 and ND64 set. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, there is an aperture sweet spot for maximum sharpness for the Mavic 2 Pro's camera that is between f2.8 and f4. PolarPro did a good analysis of the Mavic 2 Pro's optimal f-stop settings at this link.
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    I have volunteered to fly my drone for the local county tourism office. The tourism office is interested in creating a video to announce a new pedestrian and biking pathway soon to be developed. The tourism office would like for me to fly and video tape the proposed pathway for future use. I suggested to the office that we may need to communicate to the general public that on certain days there will be drone flying in this general area. The office is also interested in printing a flyer , to be handed out, informing the local residents and address any concerns prior to flying. Can anyone help or suggest what steps we can take reduce any problems with the general public. This area is low populated , towns of less that 10,000 and very rural.
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    In rural areas if I'm doing ops for a subject property that require me to hover or do back and forth maneuvering over adjacent occupied properties to get desired angles of my subject, I just go up to those properties before the operation, knock on the door, and nicely explain what I'm doing. I couch it in terms of being a courtesy to let them know rather than asking for their permission. I imagine my specific set of statements matter. The key points I make are that I'm a professional photographer and FAA certified drone operator who has been hired to shoot video or stills of xyz property and I just want to let them know what I'll be doing, to assure them that I'll be following all applicable laws, and to assure them that I will not be spying on them or taking any imagery that would violate their privacy. "Just wanted to let you know so you don't have to worry". If they seem concerned I offer to answer any questions and to give them my card. This approach has NEVER failed to work out ok. But if I'm just "flying through" over someone else's property for a shoot, especially up above 150 or 200', then I just do it, and I remain ready to explain to anyone who asks that I'm passing over too many properties to talk with everyone involved, and that I'm basically operating like any other small aircraft. Again...while some people are initially concerned, if I am friendly, open, and professional, it has worked out ok. If its a big enough project with real local interest then you might have the local paper do a little story about it. But keep it on the "this is happening and it is being done in conformance with all applicable laws" rather than asking for public input or permission. Hope that helps, and just my 2c.
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    Hi @Stephen Adofo Kissi, Welcome to the forum! Here are a few resources we have on those topics you are interested in: Drone in agriculture: https://uavcoach.com/agricultural-drones/ Drones in wildlife: https://uavcoach.com/intel-drones-conservation/ Drones in security: https://uavcoach.com/category/emergency-services/ Also, considering your location in Ghana, you may be interested in learning about the drone delivery company Zipline, which just launched the largest drone delivery network in the world: https://uavcoach.com/zipline-ghana/
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    Thousands of photographers cannot wait to take their lens to the skies thanks to drones equipped with consumer- to professional-grade cameras. We've created this post as a guide to capturing aerial drone photography like a professional, from shooting modes to exposure settings to lens filters. Drone Photography: A Guide to Capturing Images Like A Professional All of the topics we’ll cover in this guide include: Investing in the right aerial photography drone From purchase to practicing safe flying Shooting modes and general exposure settings Drone camera filters Post-processing drone photography Becoming a professional drone photographer
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    At least it isn’t a DJI... It will be interesting to see how well this works.
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    Hi @Joe Weber, what are you planning to fly? Its probably too late for this recommendation, but assuming there is no issue with airspace or any other reasons you might need a clearance, if this is rural and lightly traveled I’d recommend that you don’t post or send out a flyer regarding doing aerial of the bike path. Coordinate with local law enforcement and get as many observers as you need to warn the operator of traffic and pedestrians, so that you don’t over fly them and just do it. If you plan to fly it in manageable distances you shouldn’t even have to stop traffic - depending on traffic. You should be done before anyone is even aware that you did it and you can explain to anyone who views the completed project how you accomplished it if interested. If you post fliers to “address” concerns your making this much more difficult than need be and it’s not required. Where’s is the town located?
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    Hi @wendell and welcome to this forum. I recently came across this company that operates in several regions of the world including Uganda. I don't know much about them except from the information on the website but thought you might be interested. https://flyinglabs.org/uganda/ They have a partnership with these guys https://werobotics.org
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    Hi Everyone! I hope everyone is having a good week so far, the weather is starting to get nice for drone flying! I thought I would share some of my favorite photos that I have taken. I encourage all of you to also share some of your favorite pictures in this thread. - Chase
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    In our area most of the professional real estate photographers have added a drone to their toolbox. The aerial photography is just a piece of the overall marketing puzzle. You’ll likely need to have additional cameras to get hired to shoot real estate, but if you can shoot and edit excellent aerial footage you can probably learn the traditional photographic skills.
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    Most apps to fly/log ask for your cert # once you specify that you want to fly/log/register a UAV under Part 107. Are there not red flags leaving this blank until a temp license pending is confirmed and a permanent remote pilot license number is given? If so, what number is used until that RPL# is given? Thanks for all you do, Alen!! 👍👍
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    Thanks Jonathon for writing the post and sharing your thoughts. I currently haven't crossed this bridge but have been asked the question about re-licensing recently. Appreciate your perspective. Andrew
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    Hi Kerr, we manufacture our own industrial drones. We are currently only selling them to a very limited number of partners. Scaling to sell drones commercially is a huge undertaking and we're exploring the possibility of doing that. If we do, there will be a need to include applications like this to provide our users with all they need to have a differentiated user experience. If we decide to go in this direction would you be willing to OEM your product?
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    Hey! I'm a graduate student in upstate NY using drones for habitat mapping (right now, mosquitos; soon: ticks; later: hopefully less infectious species). Have built some drones for work, but just bought my first one for personal use. Hoping to continue & improve conservation work!