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    Hi guys, my name is mason, I am currently located in Nebraska. I currently own a dji phantom 3 standard, it does not do what I want it to do. (photo quality, distance) I am looking at the inspire 1 or inspire 2 for my next drone. Any comments?
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    I'm new to this community so here's brief intro. I teach GPS for GIS at a local community college where I include a drone section for the class. Lots of student interest! I obtained my part 107 certification this past summer and just got a DJI Mavic Pro 2. My prior background was a hydrographic surveyor for NOAA where I established geodetic survey marks. Please take a look at my post on direction bias. I haven't found any online info about this. Thanks!
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    I Just joined the forum but have been on the UAV Coach email list. I've had my Part 107 for a year and am starting an aerial imagery business in Wilmington, DE.