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    Hey Everyone! I am new to the forums here. My name is Steven and I am from central California. Recently got my 107 and am here to network, learn and potentially get a small business off the ground like I'm sure many of you are doing as well. I have a lot of agriculture here in my region and there is so much to research it is unreal! It is very exciting to be a part of a community in a growing industry. I was gifted a DJI Tello a year ago and I never really had the time or area to take it out as I live close to an airport and before getting my 107 I kind of figured it would be taboo to fly it and didn't really want to risk anything. Recently I have had the opportunity to travel a lot more and learned that I REALLY enjoy flying the little tello around. It was just very impressive how such a small and inexpensive drone still has the capabilities that it does. I immediately went to the DJI store and bought myself a DJI Mavic Air 2. I've seen a lot of mixed reviews on it but personally, I really enjoy it and I think it will work well for doing simple things like aerial real estate photography for now. I am very interested in getting the bigger and better drones. Specifically I am loving what DJI is showcasing regarding the agricultural drones and even possibly the Mavic Enterprise! One thing I hope to learn more about is how to utilize the software that compliments these drones on a commercial level when creating reports for potential customers such as thermographic imaging, mapping, what cameras are best for things like tower inspections etc etc. Anyways, I can talk for hours and ramble so I will leave it as this for now! Looking forward to getting to know all of you and hope you have a good one! Steven
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    Hey everyone. I'm the Buffalo/Western New York licensee. Just signed the agreement on Friday. I'm pretty excited about it. It's very nice to see that other people are doing it too.