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    Hey everybody. For the past twenty years, Louisiana has been a well sought out destination for the film and television industry. Dubbed "Hollywood South", the state has produced billion-dollar box office hits, Academy Award Winners, and everything in between. We will be taking a look at some of the most famous movie locations in Louisiana, so sit back relax and enjoy your tour!
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    Have a great fourth of July Weekend. Check out this aerial tour of the USS Alabama, a World War 2 Battleship that played a part in many campaigns in the Pacific Theater.
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    This is a renewed high-quality power module standard based on the ACSP7 but with dual internal power supply to improve the stability of the hall-sensing. The mRo Power Zero from mRobotics is designed especially for the DIY community and it offers extremely accurate measurements across the entire current & voltage operating range with a non-invasive Hall-effect current sensor for UAV / Robotics application and high precision voltage dividing circuit for consistent and reliable measurements. Compared to the ACSP7, the .5v offset is removed and the current sensing is compared with a dedicated power reference. The integrated electrolytic capacitor reduces voltage spikes which result from longer input cable lengths and higher voltage batteries. Download STEP file here (Right click and Save link As) SPECIFICATIONS: Power Module mRo Power Zero Dimensions 18mmx18mm (.70"x.70") Height: 7.30 mm (0.28") Weight 2.5g (0.08 oz) Maximum input voltage 50.4v 12s lipo Max Current Sensing 90 Amps Max Current from 5.3V Power Supply 2 Amps Compatibility Ardupilot & PX4 PINOUT: If you want to make your own cables and route them to connect it to your autopilot, you can simply follow the order of the pinouts as it is the same Dronecode standard. CONFIGURATION INSTRUCTIONS: If you want to configure it on Mission Planner, you can follow this instructions. Have fun!, and remember that “Without electricity, there can be no art.” Pedro Matabuena Twitter: @pmatabuena
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    @ElDubya What territory are you lookin at? One thing I like about them that I've found so far is that they're more interested in finding someone that they can invest in rather than putting a few people per territory they want to see one person operate and grow their business. They're a small corporation right now but I they have had success in other parts of the US.
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    I can't speak to what's on the UAV Coach website, but I would think you'd want to go by Georgia State Parks says on their website: https://gastateparks.org/ParkRules#:~:text=Drones,ways help promote the sites. See the last entry on the page titled Drones. Looks like drones are prohibited unless you have a waiver, for commercial purposes, with permission from the division director.
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    We are much alike - didn't intend it to sound that blanket. 👍
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    Can't wait to see how well the obstacle avoidance works around deciduous trees when all the leaves are down. The tips of those tiny branches are drone killers. I want video 🙂
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    Absolutely fantastic video! Definitely earned yourself a subscriber.
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    I’m sure you’ve heard of the expression; “Booe for the best, plan for the worsts.” I really hope all the hype about 5G comes true, especially as it relates to UAVs. But I think it will be similar to the hype about thermal. Some technologies aren’t baked enough, Don’t work well enough, or too complicated and expensive to be integrated into UAV workflows. Sure, it might be great to have 10G download capability, but how fast you could stream data from the sensor the UAV is carrying has never really been the gating factor to a succesful UAV program. I would argue that the security issues around 5G and RIDs reliance on it will make things much worse. I’m not suggesting that smart people won’t figure out ways to consume the additional bandwidth but I’m not sure how Verizon’s goal of connecting 1M drones over 5G helps me make money in the foreseeable future?
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    5G sounds great! Unfortunately, it relies on a dense, short hop, transmission system. Large urban areas are the most likely candidates to benefit by 5G. So, I agree that 5G will be great for future drones operating in 3% of the united states. The remaining 97% will probably be happy if the have solid 4G. This is the consensus of most ISPs that are not Verizon. By the time 5G starts finding it's way into rural America, low earth orbit internet will be a thing, no ground-based infrastructure needed.
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    Pacific Northwest...Oregon and Washington. They are a legit canadian company, just relatively new one, February 2020.
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    A couple of observations, I don’t read the entire website Justin watched the video. How do they define your territory? Drone jobs are never next door. What do you get for your $20K? I’m guessing there 97 percent success rate for certification is for part107? Nothing great about that claim. Mentorship in small business can be helpful but is really dependent on your relationship with the mentor. There have been a lot of websites like this that make these types of claims. Not sure how they compare to PrecisionHawk? I have nothing bad to say about them, I’m mostly expressing my own bias and skepticism against these types of claims. They certianly know how to use Adobe AfterEffects!
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    Obviously this is no longer a rumor. Why don’t those that have ordered and possibly received their MavicAir2 start a new thread and post example footage and/reviews of your early impressions?
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    Thank you Alan! I kept getting misinformation about this topic from other sources and your post(s) on this thread have cleared everything up for me. I even sent a message to another large organization that had published some incorrect information. In December, I posted a YouTube video showing my drone ascending a 1,695 foot radio tower and I wanted to make sure I had properly followed the FAA Part 107 regulations. For what it's worth: Thanks again -- Jason Bagnell
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    Hello Everyone! While we do our best to keep up with drone laws, it can be difficult to keep track of the drone laws in every city/state in this rapidly evolving industry. I have reached out to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and have not heard back from them yet. We always research all of the policies and regulations for every location and use the information that is available to us. At this time, we will be leaving the Maryland State Park locations as there is currently no official documentation regarding drone regulations within Maryland State Parks. We appreciate everyone who has shared this information and if there are any updates on this matter they will be addressed and posted. Blue skies and safe flying! - Chase