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    I know there's a LOT of knock on the Sony Alpha cams these days, for not having jumped into the 10-bit recording world. But I'll tell ya', 8-bit video is NOT as hopeless as most might have us believe. This piece has a lot of fun aerial work in it, from both the M2P and the M2Z. Ground footage was captured on an A7R3, using S-log2. Enjoy!
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    Welcome to the forum. Great website, videos and pictures. Nice Job! I have many questions but I’ll let others welcome you before blasting away... @JBR LIFE Photography I heard this guy wants to come to your island paradise, better watch out. @Msdi, I’m joking. We do that occasionally. But seriously you guys should talk. You can see many of his property videos on the photography for real estate thread. I look forward to learning and seeing more Of what your doing.
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    I have problems with statements and articles that ascribe false reasons for UTM. Right now as I write this, drones are already integrated into the national air space. This is accomplished by confining them with current regulations to areas that are not populated to a great extent by manned aircraft. UTM is not about drones and aircraft. It is about my drone and UPS's drone in the regulated and relegated airspace that UPS wants for themselves. That is only a problem when they don't want to keep an eye on their drone like I'm doing with my drone. Hence...THEY are the problem, not me. They should absorb ALL the costs of the integration within that air space with no preference shown just because they are willing to pay fees to the government. Put them in the 100 feet between my drone and the manned aircraft operating altitude. WHAT, that's not safe?!! Well wait until drones or cargoes start falling out of the sky from mid-air collisions that are bound to happen from BVLOS operations. Especially with the tethered cargoes hanging down from drones that are not in view of a pilot. How many telephone wires, electric lines and small branches are hit every day by drones flying within sight now? Let me take a few minutes to climb down of this high-horse and you all be safe out there. bf
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    Congrats on the 5 year anniversary! Keep up the good work helping to educate and train people around the world, like you said it's amazing how vast the drone industry has become and we can potentially be just scratching the surface on the capabilities of flight.
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    The fpv quad is working perfectly. Right now, you think you want it to act like a dji drone. It's likely that when you get proficient with it, you will want it to react properly. Which is what it does now. DJI has their controllers set up that way so that almost anyone can fly it. At least in an open field. FPV quads are designed to be fully controlled by the operator every second. Your fingers will learn where the throttle needs to be to hover. You got this! 😉
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    Nicely done. Keep this video, it will be worth something someday. In normal times, even when the park is closed there are people in it cleaning, doing maintenance etc.. Here’s what I hope you’ll take as constructive criticism. During a lot of the dissolves the motion started on the second clip (what you were dissolving to) in the middle of the dissolve. If the motion had begun prior to the dissolve the video would flow much better. Your video is such a stark reminder of what we’re all going through. So with tongue in cheek I thank you for sharing..
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    Very nice. Really like the pacing, the viewer gets a real sense of the property in a very short video. Made you using a slider of just walking the property with a gimbal? Looks great.
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    Thanks for sharing! I was in Slovenia once, it was lovely!
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    I agree wholeheartedly Jonathon. The A7 series, despite being 8-bit, are still very capable cameras. The only challenge I see with 8-bit is that you have to get exposure right since there's less wiggle room in post.
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    Short & Sweet...I've been offering 30 sec aerial teaser vids for vacant properties, and it seems they're a hit. I charge 'em $500 for the video, toss in a couple ground shots if needed, and done.
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    Aloha Arnaud, Very nice to have you in the group! I checked out both of your websites, very nice. I'll be watching for @Av8Chuck's questions and your replies, as I too am intrigued by your biz model. Beautiful footage on your real estate video teaser, btw. I rather enjoyed that production!
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    Thank you sir, so glad to see that you like my work. about the real-estate i made also a separate website 😅 with more content if you want to have a look check here https://bdprealestate.co.id anyway if you have question, go ahead, I have a lot of time to kill during this “covid” time.
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    waou, that's great. very smooth and stable
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    I had some thoughts as Av8Chuck. Having spent a lot of years looking out of a helicopter, I could tell some of the altitudes were higher than our limit of 400ft and same on cloud clearances. Altitudes do increase the perspective! But as others have said, a very well edited video, especially the audio synch on the transitions. The boat hyper lapse on the end was a cool clip. I'm hoping there is a Mavic 3 pro in near future.
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    This is unreal, thanks for sharing!
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    Really appreciate the reply David and your further insights here. Your original note and this follow up have spurred some good reflection on my part. I need to do a better job reflecting the small operator's perspective and experience (it's too easy to just 'report' and leave out those who are least represented), especially since, as you say, they're not represented in the dialogue (the AMA has a fairly loud voice, but they're not talking for solopreneurs). We can help broaden the dialogue here, and we want to—I may reach out to you for your opinion in the future if that's ok.
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    The Hyperlapse is well done, but it’s the creative use of audio and editing that make this such an affective video. Regarding the location and legalities, I was just curious. It would be nearly impossible to produce that here in the US, not only because of altitude restrictions but also because of the cloud clearances and flight over people. Enjoy your freedom while you have it.. keep up the great work.
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    Where are you located? That’s a great start to a career using UAVs. The challenge is not flying the drone and getting the right overlaps etc., it’s accounting for all the dynamic variables in the collection of data to establish a more accurate relationship between the sensor and the thing being scanned. To be competitive and meet the ever increasing need for better precision is very difficult with a Phantom 4 type of drone. Good luck.
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    To all the recreational flyers out there, This effort by the FAA to have all drones identified while flying reminds me of "register your gun" laws that have been creeping forward year after year. They go after the gun and settle for the size of the magazine this year, and next year they come back for the gun again. "They" never quit. It is the right to fly in your back yard that they will eventually go after. They want to make deliveries to your back yard. Tell me how they can do that and stay under 400 feet without flying over all your neighbors back yards. If they fly down the street and over the top of the house to the back yard, they will have to violate flying over moving cars. This BVLOS business is rampant with unsafe flying and the potential for drones and cargoes falling out of the air. Knowing my drone is in the air won't get me out of the way. That will only happen when I am not allowed to fly. The proposed Remote I.D. rules are the blueprint for getting rid of club fields. It is the creeping rule that doesn't allow for the start up of new fields or the replacement of fields that get closed for whatever reason. "They" are a patient master. Be well and stay safe, bf
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    Ok, been sitting on this one for a little while, just busy working and whatnot. Now that things are a bit slower, I figured it's time to share. This one is listed @ $25M, reduced from $28M. Crazy to think that their little price reduction is still more money than the cost of most homes on Maui! Aerial work was done using M2P. Here's the catch...I normally shoot D-log, but when I connected the VR goggles for this mission (so the wife could 'ride along'), it reset everything to base settings, so I forgot to switch back to D-log! Nice to know that standard footage cleans up well. lol Ground work done on Sony a7r3 & a73, shot in S-log2, graded in FCPX. All footy was shot @ 4k/24, except for two clips, shot at 1080/60 for slow-mo. Enjoy!
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    Hi @Curt Eckert, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! It can be difficult to say that one sector of the industry is more lucrative than the other because the industry is still young and it is always developing at a rapid pace. However, we do have some resources that might help guide you in the direction that you are looking for. There is an abundance of opportunity in the drone space: filmmaking, inspections, and real estate are some good opportunities just to name a few. Here some resources: Industry Report/Projection for 2020. https://uavcoach.com/drone-pilot-salary/ To get started, I suggest taking a look at our 'UAV/Drone Jobs' guide which goes over the different types of jobs and applications out there. It is pretty thorough, have a look and find out what applications interest you the most, this will be a great starting point. It is always best to stick to one or two applications instead of trying to offer ten different services. The Skydio 2 is a great drone because of its intelligent autonomous features, but it does not have the sensors required for thermography, if that is the direction you want to go. As for the Autel drones, their new EVO II Dual drone has both a visual and thermal sensor. The pricing has not been released as you must contact Autel for that information. Wishing you the best of luck with your new career and please let us know if you have any questions! Best, - Chase
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    That's how it should be done. Nice work.
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    Congratulations to the UAV Coach team. I have thoroughly impressed with the value of the product and community you are building! I look forward to continuing to use you for my company needs and referring to my Client partners.
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