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    Pricing, to a very large extent, will depend on the price of the properties you're shooting. A real estate agent will be a lot more likely to spend marketing money on a multi million dollar estate than a $250 K tract home. If you're just starting out I'd suggest speaking to one or more local agents - preferably agents who specialize in large, high end properties. I find that I get a lot more requests for still images than video because the websites local agents use most, the MLS & realtor.com, do not host video, though that may be different in your area. It's also important for you to understand what advantages aerial photography brings to real estate marketing. Basically there's no reason to do aerials for an unassuming Cape Cod on a a quarter acre lot. I'm attaching conventional and aerial pictures of a nice colonial I shot last fall that, I think, show the advantage of aerial photography. Having said all that I'll tell you that I charge $250 for aerial still photography, $150 if I'm also doing conventional photography as I save travel time.I charge by the day for video work. $400 for a half day, $750 for a full day. Post production is much harder for video, at least for me. I wish I could charge more, but I think I'm pretty close to what the market will bear.
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    Hi everyone, I've created about 900 tracks of music and sound effects that you can freely use in your videos. It's all original...all my own work. All I ask is to be attributed in the video as described on my homepage: http://soundimage.org/ I'm a big fan of drone videos so it's always a treat for me to hear my music in them. Please feel free to share links if you happen to use some of my tracks...I sincerely hope they are helpful! All the best, Eric
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    It's been a long time coming, but we're happy to announce that we've received our FAA Section 333 exemption. Our team patiently waited 6 months and 2 days for our Section 333 Exemption (and Blanket COA) from the FAA. We received it and are now cleared to operate commercially! Is it a perfect process? No. Is it the only door the FAA has given us to comply here in the US? Yep, sure is. While I’m proud to be one of 4000 companies who have successfully navigate this process, I’ll be even more proud when cleaner sUAS rules are put into place." In case you're interested in the guidelines I need to follow to comply with the Exemption and COA requirements, attached are links to my approved paperwork. Makalu-Ventures-LLC-15443.pdf Approved UAS for Publication (3-4-2016).pdf 200 COA Effective 7-1-2015.pdf
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    Hello my name is Paul Glidden. I live in New Hampshire, USA I have been flying quadcopters / drones for little over a year now and love flying them! I have been into r/c hobby for over 25 years racing 1/10 scale cars and trucks since I was a kid and always done most of my own repairs. I started a drone repair business on the side in May, because of the long wait times me and my friends were having to get their drone repaired by the company they bought it from, for the mostly non-warranty repairs. I don't have a website yet, but plan on setting up something in the next few weeks. I do all repairs to all types of drones. From the small micro quadcopters to the larger type like DJI phantoms, 3DR, Walkera,etc. I also do modifications, antenna upgrades, FPV, to custom jobs. If you are in the northeast USA and need repair work done or just want to ask a question contact me on my Craigslist ad or email me directly. Here is my link to my ad. Please let me know what you think? Any advise on what else to put in ad would be appreciated. Thanks https://nh.craigslist.org/ele/5374364565.html My email. tazzmech1@aol.com
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    Loved this post from Flight Evolved: http://flight-evolved.com/search-and-rescue-drones/ Excerpt: There are several things that make a search and rescue job different from the industrial inspection, mapping, and videography jobs we normally do. In our discussions we came up with three UAV types that should be considered for search and rescue drone operations. We ranked each platform on a set of characteristics that we consider the vital considerations for search and rescue drones.
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    Hey guys, just finished up my Aerial Reel for last years work. Please give it a look and tell me what you like or didn't like. Thanks! www.mothershipimaging.com
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    Passed the online exam!!! Getting my BFR done and I'll be ready to go. Little advice for those drone pilots out there. I don't think this exam is gonna be as easy as some of the authors of the articles I've been reading think. Study your airspace,weather, and aeronautical charts. Can't wait to hear what it's like. Good luck!
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    Here's a link to the PXL Media Studios real estate video show reel -
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    For all of my professional editing I use Final Cut Pro X. I previously used Final Cut Pro 7 and still do for some massively complex projects but for anything to do with aerial reels FCP X hands down gets me from rough cut to final export the fastest. It is very intuitive with minimal training and easily works with 4K footage. If you haven't heard yet, my friend Brendan and I are designing a course on cinematography for UAV Coach. There will be a post-production element to this course where I will go over the basics of editing and coloring your aerial reels. Keep an eye out for the course as it sounds like it would be a perfect fit for what you want to know! The course should be launching early to mid April.
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    Jon, Real estate agents, or at least the ones I deal with, often have trouble grasping the advantage of shooting their listings from the air, especially as aerial photography will increase their marketing cost. And as I'm sure you know, that money comes out of their pockets, and it can be 6 months or more until they see a return. It's important to be selective about which properties to shoot from the air. Some are easy to figure, like waterfront properties, but for some it's not so obvious. I put together this portfolio in an effort to demonstrate the advantage of aerial work - https://picasaweb.google.com/silkpursepro/AerialPortfolio?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCMmPj-7Sw-P-fA&feat=directlink. I do mostly residential work, but I think commercial properties like office buildings or strip malls are natural candidates for aerial work. It's a part of my business I'm trying to expand. Keep in mind that photography from a UAV will cost the agent roughly a tenth of what renting a manned helicopter for an hour would cost.
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    I thought this article was interesting on the choice of drones for precision agriculture. http://bestdroneforthejob.com/drones-for-work/agriculture-drone-buyers-guide/ The choice of using a fixed wing drone over a multi-rotor makes sense as they need less power providing longer flight times and typically there is no need to hover but rather to keep moving taking pictures of the ground.
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    Woke up very early in the morning with the intent of capturing the warm sunrise colors at this beach where I spent my vacation this year. Hope you enjoy it. Constructive commentary appreciated. Thanks !
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    Hi folks! After weeks of development challenges and chatting with community members to understand what kind of forum format/design would be most beneficial for everyone, I'm happy to announce that http://community.uavcoach.com is finally live! I'll be using this particular board for company updates--when we make changes to the forum, when I need opinions on new products, special offers, and more. Thanks for participating in the UAV Coach community and look forward to seeing you around. Fly safe!
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    Thanks! I just got back and passed! The test is similar, referencing a different chart here and there and asking a different style of question at times. However, as long as you went through all the lectures and have an understanding. All will be well! Best of luck!
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    As a follow up, I had a bit of fun testing and cut a bit of a video. Quite responsive and happy with how she flies. Still some issues related to jello in the video, but am putting it down to the dampeners being too soft.
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    I tried it yesterday. Technology is amazing....Works very well, thank you DJI, but now I have a stupid looking clip of me sitting in front of my computer on my FB page, any way of deleting it? I know I can restrict it to just me....
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    I'm right there with you. Not a bad first crack at it. Pretty easy to navigate through, took about 2 hours to finish and the exam was 35 questions long. I recently spoke with the Nashville FSDO and was informed that they're not real sure if the license will be separate or just a type rating added to existing certificate. I did a little more investigating and apparently they (FAA) want to make it an entirely separate sUAS rating on a Remote Pilot's Certificate. Also do not try to register on the IACRA site to be able to get the certificate, it's not ready for us quite yet. Peace and happy flying!!
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    Well this was my experience. Yes flying the low priced drones are different in handling and capabilities than the higher priced drones. However big gotcha is learning on a higher priced drones is very costly. I have started on the $50 to the $200. But the cost of learning is priceless. In one of Alan's courses he mentioned that it is not if but when you will crash. No matter how skilled you are it will happen. The $80-$120 is a good range for learning. One reason you want something strong and heavy enough to fly outside to experience weather conditions. But small enough so you still do indoor flights. The more practice the better. The other reason is when it crashes it would be cheaper to buy parts and to fix. I have gone through $ in parts and more parts. But it helped in the long run , now I can fly the larger ones with more confidence. Also flight simulators you can use on you computer works pretty well also.
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    This is what your super duper course certificate (for licensed pilots) looks like PS- if your IQ is higher than your shoe size you'll have no trouble completing the course...
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    Hi all, Just got an email from Ben Blackwell, a high school student in Gastonia, North Carolina. He wants to start a drone club at his high school, and he launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund it. Thought this was a nice project, and I felt good about sharing it with the UAV Coach community. Here's the link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/gastonia-nc-teen-drone-club--4/x/13240473#/ #dronesforgood #stemeducation #giddyup
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    Hi @IMann Currently I trying to build up copter on ArduCopter for testing purposes on small fields. Also I have 2.1meter selfmade flying-wing and 1,6m glider on APM too. The Wing has long enough flight time and I want to integrate s110 camera for NDVI analysis using APM possibilities to control the camera. You`re right, we have here some large farms and fields. But also we have huge crisis and during last year our currency dropped 3 times to dollar. As UAV components all cost in $, the agro-monitoring service also has to be expensive. So economically better for farmer to hire worker and pay him our cheap money, then to use drone services. So I guess you guys, have better chances for successful bussiness Nonetheless I continue research and development of my uavs and will try hard to make the project alive. Just because this will be awesome!
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    @Air One I personally use Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro for video editing, but if you want a pretty powerful and free video editing tool for Windows, I'd recommend Lightworks. They also have an entire tutorial suite on their website that can help you out and a free beginning seminar that you can schedule: http://www.lwks.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=162&Itemid=246&start=v12_5
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    Greetings all, FYI. I attended an FAA briefing on 1/16/16 in Chandler, AZ. The FAA presenter(from the UAS integration office) was very confident that the Part 107 commercial operations rules (no manned aircraft pilot license required, written exam for UAS certificate) will likely come on June 2016. I know it's the government and deadlines have come and gone, but for what is worth; there may be light at the end of this tunnel.
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    Hi Franklin, thinking about what you've been able to put together so far re: pictures and videos, what do you see your end product looking like? Have you looked at other aerial service companies in the city / state to see what their service packages look like? I'm not talking about price...I'm talking about quality, and what the deliverables are for the client. There are 101 different ways to offer value to a RE broker with aerial photos / videos, just want to get a sense of what you're thinking and where you think you fit into the local market. Do you also plan to get liability insurance? Do you have any background in photography / videography? Will you be doing the post-processing yourself? As you can see, a lot of questions. Pricing a service like this is all about value exchange and striking a balance between 1) what the client is willing to pay and 2) what value/experience/professionalism/end-product you bring to the table.
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    Hi Franklin, what are you flying? Where are you located? What kind of background do you have in real estate? Do you have a website? What kind of clients will you be flying for? What will your finished product look like? I think this thread can be a good exercise in how to figure out your pricing. Let's break it down by having you provide some more details about what you're thinking first. Help us to help you!