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    I would use the Mavic 2 Pro in my drone services company to provide similar quality imaging products to my other 20MP camera craft (p4p) in environments that would benefit from it's less intrusive presence when compared to larger, louder craft. Thanks! Dave
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    Chase, thanks for the welcome, yes I have had a wonderful career and look forward to my new UAV career. You asked which is my go to my Mavic 2 zoom, its like a sports car to fly, still love the P4Pv2 its stable flying and awesome camera, the portability of the Mavic Air goes with me everywhere. Yes I will be checking out the threads you have mentioned. Again thank for welcoming me to UAV Coach. Brad
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    Thats probably why people shouldn't take the advice coming from Twitter seriously. Its a "mine is bigger than yours" kind of thing. The majority of productions shot on 4K are delivered HD and there's not meaningful place to distribute 60Hz anything let alone 4K. I'm guessing the majority of the tweeters complaining about this live in their grandmothers basement...