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    Hey @JBR LIFE Photography. We just started the beta program for Airilo Connect. We'd love to have you as one of our initial beta testers. If you're interested, here's a survey to get started: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/XG2XSG5
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    One of the best uses of drone photo/video of residential properties for sale is the use of Point-of-Interest and Reveal videos which highlight the houses AND the surrounding area of land. There are many more, of course. Here is an example of what I mean: Regards, Jay Burnham North Shore Drone Services
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    Mahalo! Checked it out, put it to use in my editing tonight. I'll share once it's all wrapped.
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    Well, I certainly appreciate all of the responding comments to my initial question. Personally I like Dave Pitman's idea of designating certain days and a limited number of permits. Perhaps they could require a drone pilot to have their FAA Part 107 Certificate so the pilot would know not to fly over people or harass wildlife, for example. Anyway, I'm getting so frustrated with all of the varied restrictions by each State, County, or small town, that I'm about to sell my DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO with all of my accessories to the highest bidder and abandon finishing the Part 107 course that I paid $250 for, and abandon my hopes to perhaps provide drone photography services to my community in ways I know would be beneficial. If things aren't changed soon I'm afraid this rapidly growing drone industry will take a downward dive that will devastate everyone one involved. Like most investments, maybe it's best we all sell out while we can maybe get something out of our investment. As you can tell, I'm pretty frustrated as I've only been able to fly my drone twice in the past year due to all of the restrictions. I'm one who will do all I can to adhere to all of the varied restrictions so, for me, it's almost impossible to ever find a place where drone photography is allowed. PLEASE, FAA, HELP ALL OF US THAT ARE INVOLVED IN THIS 'RAPIDLY GROWING INDUSTRY' BEFORE IT COLLAPSES TO NOTHING.
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    No new threads, but this is a great resource, so thanks for hopping into the conversation, @PJKirkpatrick. Good news re: the Part 107 rules here in the U.S....you don't need to file any additional paperwork if you're inspecting a tower and flying over 400 feet, as long as you're within a 400 ft. radius horizontally around and above the topmost part of the tower (assuming you're not getting into Class E airspace). Here's an illustration below to reinforce: