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    @btjdrone Prior to signing up myself, they gave me 2 licensees that were already up and running to contact. One they provided because the market was very similar and another just because I asked for more than one. They both weren't extremely helpful but they did answer a few questions. As far as Feedback goes I haven't done my first mission yet. I have received the drone, completed the online training, Website will hopefully be done next week. Last thing is they want you to do a 2 day in person training course to really understand how to work the drone you are purchasing. Not just basic flying but the different settings for the IR Camera etc. That is all I am waiting on but due to Covid the classes have been pretty difficult to get squared away. I would recommend being ready to wait. If you sign up, I wouldn't expect to start flying commercially the following week. It takes some time. @dragonbaseball68 I think most people on this forum aren't flying live missions yet. We are all somewhere between just signing the agreement to waiting on in-person flight training before going live. I have spoke to a few people and there are those who are just doing it solo and will hire more pilots as it makes sense and then there are people I've spoke to who are taking the approach you are where they have a pilot or two on standby as contract pilots being paid per job. For all of our sake, I hope we all need to hire more pilots and the work is plentiful.
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    Just dropping in so I can stay in the loop. Just signed the license agreement (Austin,TX) I already have my 107 but I'm going to do all of the training to get all of the benefits.
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    I like the drone footage accompanied by a very nice description of the vintage lighthouse. I'm sure there aren't many cast-iron lighthouses in the world. Most of the rebar skeletons are covered by concrete.
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    Just got mine yesterday!
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    btjdrone, I have a photo but this forum won't allow me to upload it due to size. I received the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise with 2 batteries, flood light, loud speaker, and hard case. It is what they promised.
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    Are you interested in drones for the purpose of just flying or capturing mesmerizing footage? I don’t understand the first one, but if you need the second, then use DJI drones.
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    The Tahkuna peninsula at the northern tip of Hiiumaa is the site of Estonia's tallest cast-iron lighthouse. The 43-meter high, state-of-the-art white tower with a green cupola was assembled in 1875 from parts manufactured in France. The slender, distinctively square-patterned lighthouse's various floors host exhibitions and installations, and the facility is used for theater performances and concerts. The lantern room and balcony are accessible via an elegant, characteristically French spiral staircase. A seaside hiking trail leads from the lighthouse to another landmark, the Tahkuna greatstone, and onwards into primal forest. Smart benches provide an overview of the lighthouse's history, the local nature, military heritage, and seafaring traditions. At the foot of the tower is a café and souvenir shop. With the completion of the St Petersburg-Paldiski railroad, the importance of local ports increased, so lighthouses that helped improve navigation in the Gulf of Finland were prioritized. Designs for Tahkuna were drawn up at the same time as the Ristna beacon, and together they were meant to mark the Hiiu shallows. The tower's square-pattern look is due to its cast-iron construction, with specially shaped parts that cover joints in such a way as to keep moisture out of the interior. Cast-iron towers did not require buttressing, and rested on their own weight. The cast-iron modular tower was developed by English engineer Alexander Gordon, and his building method – first introduced at a Jamaican lighthouse in 1841 – quickly gained fame. The Tahkuna lighthouse is well-preserved. Only the prismatic glass of the dioptric light source, damaged in WWI, was replaced with optical lenses ordered from England in 1920. The Tahkuna compound gives a good overview of the lifestyle at a shore-side lighthouse. Surviving outbuildings include a sauna from the second half of the 19th century, a stone kerosene store, a cellar, and a 20th century wooden residence and generator building.
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    The railway terminus with its intriguingly grand station building, constructed in the early 20th century to service the bustling resort town of Haapsalu, invites you to take a virtual journey back in time, accompanied by steam engine noises, to learn about the evolution of railways in Estonia spanning almost a century and a half. Here you can also see different methods of communicating information, from early telegraph and telephone devices to the wireless communications and television. Old locomotives and carriages made their final stop here and you can also come across a polite stationmaster and a skeleton telephone, or visit the old post office. This is all the Station, a place of arrivals and departures through the prism of the past.
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    Welcome!…Yeah not a whole lot said about the “Cheapies”...Personally, I bought a Potensic-T35...gave like $115.00 Brand New...it was a NICE Little Drone, but a tree jumped out in front of it....If y’all are going to fly low and dodge trees I would buy a $40.00 “Racing Clone” & enjoy the GPS Model @ Altitude (it ought to go 250 easily)....and if ya get Freaked Out hit that “Return Home” Panic Button!…Anyway have fun!
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    i am looking to start with one or two other pilots and hire more as business increases.
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    Hi. I too am joining up with Drones Force. Excited to get started. Interested in knowing what missions everyone is really starting off with and how quickly missions are increasing in QTY and different types.
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    Wow, I'm happy to find this forum. I have also spoke with them but was reluctant to proceed. I was only given 1 current licensee to speak with and that person was not helpful at all. Any additional feedback from those of you who have signed up with them is greatly appreciated!
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    GoPro Hero 8 Black/DJI Mavic Air
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    Normally, we will use light room and photoshop to edit photos after taking them. It would be better if you shoot a lot of Exposures . If you have any questions, you can contact us : photogroupvn.com
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    Hey gang. I'm curious. Those of you who made the investment and got your materials. How much money have you actually made? and in what period of time? That is ultimately the bottom line.
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    Yeah DHawk, everyone has been friendly and professional to this point. I was very attracted to the business model and the fact I will receive support, marketing, and jobs. I can still work my FT job in the meantime. Update- I just received my login info for the 107. I'm excited and more confident in my investment now. So far so good!
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    Ha Ha, It is interesting to see the number of people that think it is a scam but proceed anyway. For me it has been working as promised. I also went with them because of all the back office support that is already built and I will not have to build it from scratch.
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    Hello all, I'm happy to see a thread on this company. I've recently signed the agreement and paid for a territory in Pa. I've been told my hardware will ship next week and I've been contacted by their IT department in regards to the website and email addresses. I remain cautiously optimistic this isn't a scam and seeing some of your posts help. I'd appreciate any advice, opinions, and input anyone can provide as you all move forward on your business ventures whether related to DronesForce or not.
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    Same here. I’m very excited to hit the ground running after I get my 107.