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  1. Alan Perlman

    Where are your favorite places to fly a drone?

    Thanks, @Philip Moore !
  2. Also waiting on Kittyhawk to support Android!
  3. Alan Perlman

    What Is Your First Purchase After the Drone Itself?

    +1 to extra batteries, and some kind of carrying case or backpack. Extra SD cards and cords. Extra propellers. On the insurance side of things, you have a few options. Here's a guide that walks through the basics:
  4. Great to meet you, @Cesar . Welcome to our forum! There are new proposed rules for flying at night, you can read more here: Wouldn't likely go into effect until later this year or in 2020, but worth reading through to understand what's coming down the pike.
  5. Alan Perlman

    I Just Joined, Hi UAV Coach & Alan

    Great to meet you both and welcome to our community forum! @olivermcclintock and @Jtooch
  6. Alan Perlman

    Drone Directories - which ones matter?

    YES, would love for you to unpack this some more if you're willing to share what's worked for you. We're actually trying to be a little more proactive this year when it comes to growing both our online and offline (hands-on) training programs — and that means targeted outreach and hopefully some more successful partnerships
  7. Alan Perlman

    Drone Directories - which ones matter?

    DroneBase and seem to be the most active, haven't heard much from those other links recently.
  8. Alan Perlman

    Looking for Part 107 Pilot in Tampa, Florida

    Well said, @Av8Chuck and @Dave Pitman. I believe they were in the process of getting one of their pilots through the certification process. The timing was such that they didn't want to lose out on this gig and they were looking for a creative way to get it done while they're still getting set up with the FAA.
  9. Alan Perlman

    Looking for Part 107 Pilot in Tampa, Florida

    Great to hear it and thanks for closing the loop.
  10. Hi all, got this message from Chris at Corporate FL and wanted to pass along. Good opportunity for a beginner pilot looking for some mapping experience. Note that they're not looking for someone to come and fly. They just need a certified pilot to act as Remote PIC so they can stay compliant. Their pilot will be flying the mission, but you can shadow / ask questions and network. You'll also be getting paid for your time!
  11. Alan Perlman

    Where to I start???

    Sage advice from a seasoned pro. Thanks @Av8Chuck .
  12. Thanks for posting, @Joel ! Yes, please upload photos. Love that this comes with the LowePro backpack — it's the same backpack I use with my Mavic(s) and I REALLY like how portable and easy it is.
  13. Alan Perlman

    Where to I start???

    Hey @Roderick, thanks for bringing the conversation to the forum and welcome! People learn and are motivated to move forward in different ways. So while this event might not be for everyone, it might be a great fit for you and what you're looking to learn. For what it's worth, here's something I found on their website that should give you peace of mind: What is the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE? If you attend Drone Command Live and do not feel like it was worth your investment, you can receive a complete REFUND. There is no risk. Register today! (To receive a refund, you must request the refund before you leave the event.)
  14. Interesting, I didn't know that!
  15. Alan Perlman

    Phantom 4 Pro for sale

    Yah, this is a great deal.