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  1. Hi @Adam0001, thank you for your post. We have an email address listed on our primary TRUST page in the FAQ section, and we monitor replies to the automated email we send with your certificate as well. It's not our intention to make it difficult for folks to reach out to us with questions! I apologize that you found that to be the case. To clarify, we are not one of two companies. There are more FAA-endorsed Test Administrators, all listed here: Your comment about the authenticity of the certificate is valid. As a Test Administrator, we are required to remove all personal identifiable information. What we send to the FAA is the unique token you see on the certificate. I can't speak for other TAs, but ours is randomly generated by our software when you finish the training and test. We take that code and send it to the FAA and delete everything else. I hope this helps to address your questions and thank you again for reaching out.
  2. Right, there's the "line of sight" component to this as well. Good point.
  3. Hey Gary, pardon the delayed response and thanks for posting here. I'm wondering if you could use a DJI Mavic 2 Pro with this payload attachment accessory? That payload attachment price feels high, I'm sure there are other options out there. And you could figure out a way to package and attach your WiFi router securely? The DJI Mavic 2 Pro has an intelligent flight mode called Waypoints that you could use to program an autonomous flight. You could use an app like Litchi to do this as well. Would love it if you shared your progress with the project in this forum thread. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Also curious what other folks might recommend as solutions. (cc @Dave Pitman, @Av8Chuck)
  4. Hi Braden, thanks for reaching out. While the new recurrent training and test are supposed to go live on 4/6, the new initial test that you need to take isn't necessarily going live on that date. And that 4/6 deadline has been pushed back 2x already. So it might be several more weeks. All this to say, I'd go ahead and take your test. When the new recurrent training is live, it'll be free and online and you can go through it whenever you'd like to be able to fly at night under the new rules.
  5. Hey @Alex1200 — was your question around getting a license? That part is pretty straightforward. Here's our guide that walks through the process of getting an FAA Remote Pilot Certificate to fly your drone for business purposes. As for flying a drone in New York City, that's a little more complicated. More info in this article that my team put together over here:
  6. Hey @NamVol, thanks for sharing your question. The nature of your flight is recreational, so you'd be flying under those rules: You can punch your property's address into an app like B4UFLY or Airmap. Those apps will show you the airspace and whether or not you need to request airspace authorization. And most of the time you can request authorization right from within the app. Happy to answer any additional questions!
  7. WOW, this is unreal. The flights are superb, but the sound fx is MAGICAL, you did such a great job with this.
  8. Adam good to see you in here! Has been a while since I've been to downtown Nashville to fly, need to get out there for a sunrise / sunset shoot one of these days. Love the Canyon Lake Finger Tour video on your website, looks like a really cool place to fly.
  9. Beautiful storytelling as always. Appreciate you checking in and hope you're well! At 1:06, are you using a Ken Burns effect? It's a short clip, but I really like the motion and can't figure out why I like it so much
  10. Hi all, if you're not familiar with Loveland Innovations, they've made a huge impact helping folks use drones in roofing, insurance, and solar inspections. We partnered with them a few years ago, and everyone I've spoken with who uses their product is a huge fan. They reached out to me with an opportunity that I wanted to share: ### Are you interested in high-quality drone pilot jobs for top insurance carriers? Have a Phantom 4 Pro (V1 or V2) or a Mavic 2 Pro and an iOS device? Apply to be a part of the Loveland Innovations services network. Fly and inspect properties and earn more for your skills. Our current priority recruiting areas are: Charlotte, South Carolina Raleigh, North Carolina Missouri (Kansas City, Jefferson City, Columbia, but really anywhere in MO) Georgetown or Austin, Texas Southern Illinois (Springfield, Evansville, Mt Vernon) Alabama (Dothan, but really anywhere in AL) Mississippi (Jackson and Columbia but really anywhere in MS) Louisianna (Monroe and Natchitoches but really anywhere in LA) Northern California (San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Santa Rosa areas) Albuquerque, New Mexico area
  11. Thanks, Jim! We'll get that photo updated, appreciate your keen eyes. (cc @Chase Flynn | UAV Coach)