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  1. Love your background, thanks for joining this forum and that's fascinating re: the bathymetry project. So much fun to use cutting edge technology to do stuff like this!
  2. Great domain name and thanks for posting here, @Paddy Evans.
  3. Welcome, @EarlC! Good luck with the 107 certification process, and hope you're enjoying the Mavic Mini. Great model!
  4. Welcome, @Nicksyve! Thanks for joining and congrats on the move. How's the CFI training going? One of our hands-on flight instructors is a pilot and flies drones as a side business in Florida. Definitely possible to do both at the same time!
  5. Welcome @jjwallace! What part of Michigan? @Chase Flynn | UAV Coach is up there as well. The winter months are a great time to focus on all the business stuff. Love the Mavic Air and actually took mine out to fly a couple of weeks ago for the first time in a while.
  6. "As a result I focus on collecting the data which also helps to overcome any anxiety I feel about flying the drone." Well said, @Av8Chuck. I think about it the same way.
  7. Beautiful! How long was the hyperlapse? My guess is that this was almost the full battery.
  8. Welcome, @Kevin0! What do you think of the Skydio 2? We've been talking with some public safety agencies that are evaluating it as an option for indoor / close quarter flying.
  9. Alan Perlman


    Good day to you too, @KBMON! Thanks for joining our forum and blue skies and safe flying to you. Alan
  10. Welcome, @mahanke! Hope the course is going well, let us know if you have any questions along the way! Alan
  11. Very cool — I know there are businesses like this with other photography / filmmaking equipment. How are things going so far? What kind of numbers can you share with us?
  12. Agree with @David M. — lots of slightly used drones on Craigslist and FB marketplace. Some are sold in this forum as well!
  13. Hi all, hat tip to @Zacc Dukowitz — in this guide, he walks through 4 major talking points for those of you looking to shape the next significant stage of the U.S. drone industry (1-cost, 2-compliance, 3-privacy, and 4-logistical concerns) and potential solutions so you can make a more informed and impactful comment. I've read dozens of the 9,000+ comments, and so many of them aren't following the FAA's commenting guidelines and wouldn't likely be considered during the review period. Hopefully, this guide makes it easier for you to be an advocate and to help push this industry forward in a safe and sensible manner.
  14. That's a powerful statement. Really appreciate you sharing the backstory. Yah, interested in helping to push forward, keep me posted. We're putting together some talking points to help folks more effectively comment on the NPRM, will share those here when complete. Yes, well said. You raised some really good implementation questions in your original post. If we assume that 80% of the flights out there are already compliant under the existing Part 107 rules, LAANC airspace authorization and Waiver processes, I don't understand why there isn't more of an attempt in this NPRM to acknowledge that and to let those folks continue to fly without too many additional hurdles to jump through. I understand that we have to regulate for the other 20%, and to mitigate fears around counter UAS / drones showing up at airports and penitentiary systems, but when the overwhelming majority of both hobbyist and commercial drone operations are being conducted safely and responsibly each and every day, the proposed framework makes little sense on SO many levels.
  15. Hey @Jason Kovacs, welcome to the forum and thanks for chiming in on the Remote ID thread. You raised some great questions.