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  1. WOW, this is unreal. The flights are superb, but the sound fx is MAGICAL, you did such a great job with this.
  2. Adam good to see you in here! Has been a while since I've been to downtown Nashville to fly, need to get out there for a sunrise / sunset shoot one of these days. Love the Canyon Lake Finger Tour video on your website, looks like a really cool place to fly.
  3. Beautiful storytelling as always. Appreciate you checking in and hope you're well! At 1:06, are you using a Ken Burns effect? It's a short clip, but I really like the motion and can't figure out why I like it so much
  4. Hi all, if you're not familiar with Loveland Innovations, they've made a huge impact helping folks use drones in roofing, insurance, and solar inspections. We partnered with them a few years ago, and everyone I've spoken with who uses their product is a huge fan. They reached out to me with an opportunity that I wanted to share: ### Are you interested in high-quality drone pilot jobs for top insurance carriers? Have a Phantom 4 Pro (V1 or V2) or a Mavic 2 Pro and an iOS device? Apply to be a part of the Loveland Innovations services network. Fly and inspect properties and
  5. Thanks, Jim! We'll get that photo updated, appreciate your keen eyes. (cc @Chase Flynn | UAV Coach)
  6. I had a lot of fun networking with folks at the Women and Drones Coffee Connection — it's a group of folks in the drone industry that meet on Tuesday mornings. There were about 20-30 people when I participated. They have a spotlight speaker who leads a discussion for 10-15 minutes, then Q&A, then we broke out into smaller groups to chat / network more. Really great program, got to meet some new people in the industry, would encourage you to check out!
  7. @Jason Bagnell — great video, thanks for sharing! @MorganCaldbeck — "Therefore, effective immediately, we only need to provide authorizations for Class E airspace if the airport itself is a Class E airport." So it's just the magenta dashed circle. If you're within 400 ft. of a tower like in the video example above, and you fly up past 700 ft. AGL when there's a magenta fuzzy line (Class E transition area), then no authorization is needed.
  8. Love your background, thanks for joining this forum and that's fascinating re: the bathymetry project. So much fun to use cutting edge technology to do stuff like this!
  9. Great domain name and thanks for posting here, @Paddy Evans.
  10. Welcome, @EarlC! Good luck with the 107 certification process, and hope you're enjoying the Mavic Mini. Great model!