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  1. Alan Perlman

    Hello from Lancashire

    Yes, we'll make sure to promote in next week's email. @Isabella | UAV Coach can you surface this Saturday? @embayweather , appreciate you reaching out. I saw this site, which sort of gets at what you're suggesting?
  2. Yes, great point Ed.
  3. Here's a good infographic from a post we did with PCS Edventures earlier this year: --
  4. Alan Perlman

    Commercial Drone Insurance

    We also have a guide over here: Aside from SkyWatch, there is also Verifly and as well for on-demand insurance.
  5. Oof that intro shot is so good.
  6. So when I come to visit you on Maui one day, this is where Lana and I can stay?
  7. Alan Perlman

    Drone startup Airware crashes, will shut down after burning $118M

    Chuck, you're famous!
  8. Correct, if you're flying at / near Richland airport, you're in Class G airspace and would not need to notify the airport under the Part 107 regulations. It's a nice best practice to do so if you plan to be near any of the runways / airport operations, but it's not required. Perhaps that language on the website you're referencing was drafted a few years ago during the 333 exemption process.
  9. Alan Perlman

    Trying to register with PSI

    I think they're going through some growing pains. I called and left a V/M and never heard back. I then called again and spoke with someone who got our mailing address wrong and didn't inspire a lot of confidence in their company. I emailed their CEO who apologized and said they're planning to move everything to online booking. Hopefully that'll help.
  10. Alan Perlman

    InterDrone Keynote Speakers Include Over One Dozen UAV Visionaries

    I heard that there was a bit less energy than prior years. But that's to be expected. I'll be there next year!
  11. This is rad! That woodfire pizza oven...YUMMY. Love the variety of shots and storytelling that went into this. Very creative and helps me visualize what it'd be like to actually live there. Appreciate you taking the time to share.
  12. Alan Perlman

    Clearing storm over Scatter Creek

    Agreed! And now you got me thinking about how funny South Park is. I remember watching those first episodes in Season 1 like it was yesterday. BEEFCAKE!
  13. Alan Perlman

    Night operations

    If you haven't seen already, this might be helpful: If you hear back from the FAA looking for clarification with your waiver request, let us know and we can help you craft a response.
  14. Alan Perlman

    DJI MATRICE 600 + Ronin MX Kit for sale Colorado

    Thanks for posting, Stephen! Looks like a good deal.