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  1. Our websites are built on WordPress, but I know a lot of our students use Wix, SquareSpace, and GoDaddy — each have their merits and offer a bit of a learning curve, but +1 to the idea of using a template. I'll offer this resource as well:
  2. @JustinT — thanks for the question and pardon the delayed response. Glad you're enjoying the course and sounds like you've made great progress. Make sure to check out the 'Pricing and Packaging' lesson, that'll give you some pointers about pricing and how to think about positioning your services to others. I'd also check out our drone jobs guide, which highlights different opportunities, organized into industry chapters. Our team spent dozens of hours of research putting that together. At the end of the say, building a services-based business isn't an easy thing to do. The sooner you can establish a base-level 'brand' in the form of a portfolio-based website, the better. That might require a lot more work on your end to start gathering photos and videos you feel comfortable presenting publicly. You're only as good as your latest 'reel' and what's on your website for clients to see. Once you have a good intake system in place, I'd start walking into offices, picking up the phone and dialing. Real estate brokers and agents, property marketers, construction companies, etc. — many of these folks are doing it themselves already, but many don't want to take on the responsibility of getting certified, holding liability insurance, purchasing aircraft, etc. and feel a lot more comfortable working with an outside vendor. Join your local Chamber of Commerce and start going to networking events. Read some sales books like SPIN Selling or The Ultimate Sales Machine. Your goal at this point should be to take an action to push your business forward every single day. If it's nice outside, get out there and fly and start building up your portfolio. When it's raining, smile and dial and start reaching out to folks! Hope this helps set you in the right direction, curious what advice @Chase Flynn | UAV Coach would have to add on top of this, as he's also in the process of building out his aerial services company.
  3. Thanks for chiming in @Av8Chuck and @Joey Ambrose — I think the confusion might be coming from a blog post we wrote a while ago: It might feel a bit intimidating for a solo operator, but the reality is that as long as you're organized and have some basic checklists in place, you can always create stuff that's more robust if clients demand it longer term. Joey, great idea for a starter template, will add to our list
  4. Hey @Av8Chuck — I was there on Tuesday to see the keynote and opening CEO roundtable, and then to roam the Expo hall and to have some meetings. Unfortunately had to come home on Wednesday morning, so I didn't get to enjoy too much of the event. Good energy at the show, I'd say a bit stronger than InterDrone when it came to attendance and Expo ruckus. Lot of public safety folks enjoyed the panel from the LAFD, and I spent a lot of time chatting with Derrick Ward and his team about their program. Interesting that they were evaluating the Skydio 2 as an asset for public safety departments. Great obstacle avoidance, really compact and only $100. Perhaps a more fitting option when compared to a Spark or Mavic Mini if just needing quick optics. Lots of international attendees. A good number of DSPs in attendance as well, similar to what I saw at InterDrone. Still a lot of optimism in the industry, was inspiring to hear about what's going on with drone deliveries and to hear the NASA Administrator speak as well. My team will be going next year!
  5. Hi @TobiasD, thanks for reaching out. For what it's worth, I'm not seeing any messages in my inbox, so perhaps it didn't go through. I asked Isabella as well, and she didn't get anything. I'm usually pretty quick to respond! So I'm glad you followed up to post here. I'm a little stuck in how to diagnose this. I can assure you that we're not sending out SPAM. I'm not familiar with terms like spoofing, DKIM/DMARC, ReturnPath, etc. I'm happy to offer more context around how we have things set up and am open to additional steps we should be taking to curtail the emails you're seeing. We use HubSpot, a publicly-traded company here in the U.S., to send out our emails. We limit the number of user accounts who have access and can see login / send data, so I can assure you after looking this morning that there's no SPAM being sent out from our account directly. We've been sending out emails each week to tens of thousands of people across the globe for more than 3 years, and we've never had an issue like this brought to us. But I'll try to learn more about what might be going on and what we can do to fix on our end. If I can ask — what's the nature of these emails that look like they're being sent from What do they look like? My direct email is alan(at)uavcoach(dot)com. I appreciate you bringing this to our attention, hopefully we can figure it out!
  6. @Half Chrome not sure if you saw @Al Riv's message above.
  7. Heck yah, @Spitfire76, you're one of our OG members. Didn't know you found out about us through the interview with Randy — I still listen to his podcast today and was grateful for the exposure a few years ago. Hope you'e been well and that our paths can cross soon enough. Appreciate your long-time support.
  8. Means a lot, @cmt — thanks for watching.
  9. Hmm, the jobfinder link doesn't seem to be working, but John Blackmore looks legitimate:
  10. Hi @Av8Chuck — here was our coverage of the keynotes at InterDrone: Energy / attendance was down, but still lots of good content, and for those in the industry looking for business development opportunities and to nurture existing relationships, it was a fantastic opportunity to do so. I'll be headed to Commercial UAV Expo in a couple of weeks, will be my first time there and excited to see how it stacks up to the other shows I've attended. Haven't made it to AirWorks yet.
  11. Hi all, my contact at UPS sent me a couple of job opportunities (Level 1 pilot, Level 2 pilot) in Salt Lake City, Utah. Wanted to share with you all below, thanks! Please don't post any questions about the jobs here — just passing along some links