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    City discriminates against drones

    Hey @EP Lucas — thanks for posting over here. And glad that @Dave Pitman shared that press release. Some great background, directly from the FAA. Here are some other links that might be helpful: Mastering (and complying with) the federal regulations is one thing. When it comes to interpreting local regulations and what Dave shared above, you'll have to use good judgment when it comes to asking for permission ahead of time vs. getting bogged down with red tape and folks who don't really understand the regulations. We've been working with a state park in Maryland to secure a spot to conduct regular DJI training flights. It required a few phone calls, lots of emails, proof of insurance and a $25 fee. Great place to fly and insurance that we won't run into any issues with future flights. Had no problem working with them to get this set up. Another example — my buddy Christian worked with the FAA for 4 months (and had to buy an insanely large liability insurance policy) to conduct the first commercial drone flight over JFK. Given the nature of the work and risk exposure, it made sense for him not to just work with the FAA, but with JFK personnel and other local organizations. It often makes sense to ask for permission ahead of time, to head off the authorities and to take control of the situation before it's even a situation. But there are many times where it doesn't make sense. I suppose that depends on the exposure of your flight mission and how comfortable you feel possibly being put into a position where you're having to defend yourself and your rights to a figure of authority. Hope that helps!
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    Hello from Lancashire

    Yes, we'll make sure to promote in next week's email. @Isabella | UAV Coach can you surface this Saturday? @embayweather , appreciate you reaching out. I saw this site, which sort of gets at what you're suggesting?
  3. Yes, great point Ed.
  4. Here's a good infographic from a post we did with PCS Edventures earlier this year: --
  5. Alan Perlman

    Commercial Drone Insurance

    We also have a guide over here: Aside from SkyWatch, there is also Verifly and as well for on-demand insurance.
  6. Asking for...a friend...this one is a doozy (Refer to Figure 20, area 1.) You're hired to inspect a group of structures that are under construction 9 statute miles (SM) south of Norfolk International airport. What's the highest you're allowed to fly without needing to ask for additional FAA permission? A) 470 ft. MSL B) 853 ft. AGL - this is what we have marked as the right answer, but I'm now questioning it C) 1,200 ft. MSL The tower in question is 453 ft. AGL. While the Part 107 regulations state a maximum altitude of 400 ft. AGL, you’re allowed to fly higher than that as long as you’re within 400 ft. of a tower / obstruction. You’re even allowed to fly up to 400 ft. over the topmost part of that tower. In this case, the height of the structures under construction 9 statute miles (SM) south of Norfolk Intl airport is 453 ft. AGL. If you’re flying “as high as allowed under Part 107,” you’d be flying 453 ft. AGL + 400 ft., or 853 ft. AGL. So the question then becomes, If you're flying a drone at 853 ft. AGL, what airspace would you be in, and would you need authorization from the FAA to operate there? At first glance, the structures sit in Class G airspace at the surface, and Class C airspace from 1,200 ft. MSL to 4,000 ft. MSL. But THEN, someone just pointed this out to me, if you zoom out, it looks like the whole area is actually enveloped in the thick, fuzzy magenta line indicating Class E airspace starting at 700 ft. AGL. So that means, and here's where it gets fun: From the surface to 700 ft. AGL, it's Class G airspace From 700 ft. AGL to 1,200 ft. MSL, it's Class E airspace From 1200 ft. MSL to 4,000 ft. MSL, it's Class C airspace OK, if this is all true, then at 853 ft. AGL, that would be Class E airspace. So here's where I...I mean my friend. Right, my friend. Where he is stumped When you look at the full 624 pages of Part 107 regulations and comments, it says : That's on page 11 in Table 1: Summary of the Major Provisions of part 107. Then, later in the document, one of the section headers on page 329 says: Sounds similar, but this time it says "lateral boundaries of the surface area of Class E airspace." On page 330, we see the same language: Does this mean that if we're flying vertically up into Class E airspace, like we'd hypothetically be doing at 853 ft. AGL in this question, that we would need authorization to be there? If so, then I need to re-write this question. Waddya think?
  7. Oof that intro shot is so good.
  8. So when I come to visit you on Maui one day, this is where Lana and I can stay?
  9. Alan Perlman

    Drone startup Airware crashes, will shut down after burning $118M

    Chuck, you're famous!
  10. Correct, if you're flying at / near Richland airport, you're in Class G airspace and would not need to notify the airport under the Part 107 regulations. It's a nice best practice to do so if you plan to be near any of the runways / airport operations, but it's not required. Perhaps that language on the website you're referencing was drafted a few years ago during the 333 exemption process.
  11. Alan Perlman

    Trying to register with PSI

    I think they're going through some growing pains. I called and left a V/M and never heard back. I then called again and spoke with someone who got our mailing address wrong and didn't inspire a lot of confidence in their company. I emailed their CEO who apologized and said they're planning to move everything to online booking. Hopefully that'll help.
  12. I got an email from one of our students. Hey Alan! Just wanted to share some information with you! I was working in Marble Colorado filming a property with my drone. Everything went very well. I drove into the little town to eat lunch and had a conversation with a Local shop owner. They asked what brought me to town and I shared with them my drone services. The local shop owner had no problem with my services however they warned me that drones will be shot down in Marble Colorado by local land owners. I tried to explain to her that shooting a drone was illegal, she argued that it wasn't illegal and said it was a legal in the state of colorado to shoot a drone operating over private property. This concerned me GREATLY! How can we keep ourselves safe as drone pilots in remote areas where people are more then willing to shoot your drone out of the sky??? Im not sure I want to work in Marble again after this discussion I had. So there's two questions here: Is it legal to shoot down a drone? How can we keep ourselves safe as drone pilots / handle conversations like this? What do you think? (cc @Av8Chuck, @Steve Bennett, @Dave Pitman, @R Martin, @Ed O'Grady)
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    InterDrone Keynote Speakers Include Over One Dozen UAV Visionaries

    I heard that there was a bit less energy than prior years. But that's to be expected. I'll be there next year!
  14. How much money does it take to start a drone business? I know we've discussed this at length on the forum but thought it might be nice to resurface. When I think about starting a drone business, here are some expense categories that come to mind: sUAS Post-Processing Software Website / Marketing Liability Insurance FAA Registration / Certification Training / Professional Development What categories am I missing? How much did you / do you spend on this stuff? Were there categories that were more or less expensive? Where were you able to cut costs?
  15. This is rad! That woodfire pizza oven...YUMMY. Love the variety of shots and storytelling that went into this. Very creative and helps me visualize what it'd be like to actually live there. Appreciate you taking the time to share.
  16. Alan Perlman

    Clearing storm over Scatter Creek

    Agreed! And now you got me thinking about how funny South Park is. I remember watching those first episodes in Season 1 like it was yesterday. BEEFCAKE!
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    Night operations

    If you haven't seen already, this might be helpful: If you hear back from the FAA looking for clarification with your waiver request, let us know and we can help you craft a response.
  18. Alan Perlman

    DJI MATRICE 600 + Ronin MX Kit for sale Colorado

    Thanks for posting, Stephen! Looks like a good deal.
  19. Alan Perlman

    Starting a Profitable Drone Business Training ?

    Not sure, but I could imagine what it might look like.
  20. Alan Perlman

    Starting a Profitable Drone Business Training ?

    Yah, I haven't heard great things about the event, but I also haven't gone through it myself so can't really weigh in. If you end up going, let us know if you think it's worth it. $199 for 3 days of training — just that price point I mean — seems kind of gimmicky / something is off about that. I've heard it's a big pitch for their much more expensive service.
  21. Alan Perlman

    InterDrone Keynote Speakers Include Over One Dozen UAV Visionaries

    Thanks for sharing!
  22. Alan Perlman

    Night operations

    Hi Luke, the Daylight Operations waiver is a blanket waiver...meaning you don't have to request a specific date and time. Here's language on the waiver I received a few months ago: This Certificate of Waiver is effective from June 18, 2018 to June 30, 2022 and is subject to cancellation at any time upon notice by the Administrator or an authorized representative.
  23. Alan Perlman

    Nature Walk

    Take time to do what makes your soul happy. Love it!