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  1. @Jason Bagnell — great video, thanks for sharing!

    @MorganCaldbeck — "Therefore, effective immediately, we only need to provide authorizations for Class E airspace if the airport itself is a Class E airport." So it's just the magenta dashed circle. If you're within 400 ft. of a tower like in the video example above, and you fly up past 700 ft. AGL when there's a magenta fuzzy line (Class E transition area), then no authorization is needed.

  2. Hi all, hat tip to @Zacc Dukowitz  — in this guide, he walks through 4 major talking points for those of you looking to shape the next significant stage of the U.S. drone industry (1-cost, 2-compliance, 3-privacy, and 4-logistical concerns) and potential solutions so you can make a more informed and impactful comment.

    I've read dozens of the 9,000+ comments, and so many of them aren't following the FAA's commenting guidelines and wouldn't likely be considered during the review period.

    Hopefully, this guide makes it easier for you to be an advocate and to help push this industry forward in a safe and sensible manner.

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  3. On 1/8/2020 at 2:01 PM, Av8Chuck said:

    It was founded on a simple premise that it wasn't up to the operator to prove that it was legal to operate commercially but the FAA to prove that it wasn't. 

    That's a powerful statement.

    On 1/8/2020 at 2:01 PM, Av8Chuck said:

    I hope this is something you would be interested in helping with.

    Really appreciate you sharing the backstory. Yah, interested in helping to push forward, keep me posted. We're putting together some talking points to help folks more effectively comment on the NPRM, will share those here when complete.

    On 1/7/2020 at 12:12 PM, Jason Kovacs said:

    This whole issue is really fascinating to me. At first blush, the NPRM sounded like an intelligent plan, but it's the nuance of its implementation that make me pause and consider it more critically.

    Yes, well said. You raised some really good implementation questions in your original post.

    If we assume that 80% of the flights out there are already compliant under the existing Part 107 rules, LAANC airspace authorization and Waiver processes, I don't understand why there isn't more of an attempt in this NPRM to acknowledge that and to let those folks continue to fly without too many additional hurdles to jump through. I understand that we have to regulate for the other 20%, and to mitigate fears around counter UAS / drones showing up at airports and penitentiary systems, but when the overwhelming majority of both hobbyist and commercial drone operations are being conducted safely and responsibly each and every day, the proposed framework makes little sense on SO many levels.

  4. Hi @Dave Torczon — thanks for posting.

    You're correct that to the best of our knowledge, Nebraska does not currently have any state-wide regulations.

    I wouldn't advise putting ammo in your gun and pointing it up at the sky. I trust this situation will resolve itself soon enough, and that nothing nefarious is being done.

    Here's a thread you might be interested in exploring, I hope this helps:


  5. Great conversation.

    @Av8Chuck — I wasn't familiar with What kind of advocacy / actions did the group take over the last few years? I see you wrote "give it another shot" so will assume that no one is actively working on it right now. If that's the case...what happened?

    @Dave Pitman — You wrote, "I think it is definitely in @Alan Perlmans interest.  If this goes through, his business model in 4 years or less very well could need to be quite different.  Looking forward to his thoughts." It's absolutely in my interest and wondering what you would advise me and my team do to help assist?

    I hear you re: "individual comments will hit the round file with a thud" but choosing to be less cynical and would like to think that if a well-structured argument was made, with specific solutions proposed, that the comment would be read just as seriously as some larger group. Maybe I'm being too naive, but reading through this FAA infographic leads me to believe that they're truly looking for any and all "effective" comments.


    @Jim Wilson — thanks for sharing your comment. It's well-articulated, but I'm worried doesn't follow the FAA's directions above and won't be factored into their decision-making process moving forward.

    @Stephen Yale — love this question. I imagine we'll see some of these templates surface over the coming weeks. Perhaps this is one area where we, as a company, can add some value. I'll need some help from folks in this thread to structure a response, following the suggestions in the infographic above (cc @Av8Chuck, @Dave Pitman, etc.)

  6. On 12/6/2019 at 5:09 PM, JustinT said:

    I agree about the online presence, I was curious to know if there're any specific websites that would best suit a portfolio. I will check WIX out on the website building. I am currently looking into Envira Gallery, I don't have anything posted yet.


    Our websites are built on WordPress, but I know a lot of our students use Wix, SquareSpace, and GoDaddy — each have their merits and offer a bit of a learning curve, but +1 to the idea of using a template.

    I'll offer this resource as well:

  7. @JustinT — thanks for the question and pardon the delayed response. Glad you're enjoying the course and sounds like you've made great progress. Make sure to check out the 'Pricing and Packaging' lesson, that'll give you some pointers about pricing and how to think about positioning your services to others. I'd also check out our drone jobs guide, which highlights different opportunities, organized into industry chapters. Our team spent dozens of hours of research putting that together.

    At the end of the say, building a services-based business isn't an easy thing to do. The sooner you can establish a base-level 'brand' in the form of a portfolio-based website, the better. That might require a lot more work on your end to start gathering photos and videos you feel comfortable presenting publicly. You're only as good as your latest 'reel' and what's on your website for clients to see.

    Once you have a good intake system in place, I'd start walking into offices, picking up the phone and dialing. Real estate brokers and agents, property marketers, construction companies, etc. — many of these folks are doing it themselves already, but many don't want to take on the responsibility of getting certified, holding liability insurance, purchasing aircraft, etc. and feel a lot more comfortable working with an outside vendor.

    Join your local Chamber of Commerce and start going to networking events. Read some sales books like SPIN Selling or The Ultimate Sales Machine. 

    Your goal at this point should be to take an action to push your business forward every single day. If it's nice outside, get out there and fly and start building up your portfolio. When it's raining, smile and dial and start reaching out to folks!

    Hope this helps set you in the right direction, curious what advice @Chase Flynn | UAV Coach would have to add on top of this, as he's also in the process of building out his aerial services company.