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  1. Just had an incredibly pleasant experience with DJI's customer support and have been asking them questions / dealing with similar issues over the last couple of years. Never had any negative experiences, but perhaps I'm the anomaly. Here are some other experiences:
  2. Also, I love flying around Pawley's island. Some great places to explore.
  3. Great to meet you, @johngilkey. Welcome to our forum!
  4. Bruce, thanks for posting. Would be helpful if you offered a strong 'call-to-action' here — should we be calling a specific phone number, asking to speak with someone specific? Writing letters to an address? Joining a pre-existing group? I know there are many people compelled by legislation like this in the same way you are, but you have to make it really easy on someone to take that next step of actually doing something about it. So, all that said, any additional information, like a link to the actual ban, if there's already a group people can tap into, etc. would be extremely helpful in pushing your agenda forward. Please share! Hope that helps!
  5. @James Quick — appreciate you sharing this perspective. You did the right thing. We're still early-days when it comes to sUAS adoption, both on the technological and regulatory side, but also just the general behavioral shift of having drones up the sky being a normal thing. You're allowed to operate over someone's home — the FAA controls the airspace above someone's property. Of course, if you're deliberately doing so to harass, spy, etc. then the property owner would definitely have some ground to stand on. But yah, I think remaining calm and not adding fuel to the already stubborn fire in this case was the right move. Here's an interesting article on federal vs. local drone rules that sort of applies to this conversation as well:
  6. Namaste, Stephanie — I lived in Kathmandu back in 2006. Great city and was blessed to be able to come back and visit again in 2009 for a few days. I imagine it's changed a lot in the last 10 years. Each country regulates its airspace differently. Here's a list of drone laws, organized by country: In the U.S., we have an FAA Part 107 test prep program that you can use to study online, but ultimately you'd have to take your exam at a testing facility. Here's a list of test centers: Happy to set you up with one of our local drone flight training instructors during your trip to the U.S. — here's a list of locations where our instructors conduct training: As far as which drone to buy, given the use cases you wrote out, I'd take a look at a company called DJI. They own about 70-80% of the commercial drone market and have some great models that would be a good fit for you. More info on other camera drone models here: Alan
  7. Hehe, came here to post that same comment, @Av8Chuck. @Matt Paul — would love you to consider our program at You can use the code FLY50 for $50 off. We've helped over 15,000 people get through the certification process and have some great bonus lessons and real-world application teaching you won't find in any other online Part 107 test prep course. If you don't pass your exam, we'll pay for it as well. We also have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you hop in and realize our teaching methodology isn't a good fit. Most students take about 10-15 hours to get through the course...while most spread that out over 1-2 weeks, we do have some students who cram over a period of 1-2 days if that's what your schedule demands. Happy to answer any specific questions you have about the certification process or our program. My email is
  8. +1 to extra batteries, and some kind of carrying case or backpack. Extra SD cards and cords. Extra propellers. On the insurance side of things, you have a few options. Here's a guide that walks through the basics:
  9. Great to meet you, @Cesar . Welcome to our forum! There are new proposed rules for flying at night, you can read more here: Wouldn't likely go into effect until later this year or in 2020, but worth reading through to understand what's coming down the pike.
  10. Great to meet you both and welcome to our community forum! @olivermcclintock and @Jtooch
  11. YES, would love for you to unpack this some more if you're willing to share what's worked for you. We're actually trying to be a little more proactive this year when it comes to growing both our online and offline (hands-on) training programs — and that means targeted outreach and hopefully some more successful partnerships
  12. DroneBase and seem to be the most active, haven't heard much from those other links recently.
  13. Well said, @Av8Chuck and @Dave Pitman. I believe they were in the process of getting one of their pilots through the certification process. The timing was such that they didn't want to lose out on this gig and they were looking for a creative way to get it done while they're still getting set up with the FAA.
  14. Hi all, got this message from Chris at Corporate FL and wanted to pass along. Good opportunity for a beginner pilot looking for some mapping experience. Note that they're not looking for someone to come and fly. They just need a certified pilot to act as Remote PIC so they can stay compliant. Their pilot will be flying the mission, but you can shadow / ask questions and network. You'll also be getting paid for your time!
  15. Sage advice from a seasoned pro. Thanks @Av8Chuck .
  16. Thanks for posting, @Joel ! Yes, please upload photos. Love that this comes with the LowePro backpack — it's the same backpack I use with my Mavic(s) and I REALLY like how portable and easy it is.
  17. Hey @Roderick, thanks for bringing the conversation to the forum and welcome! People learn and are motivated to move forward in different ways. So while this event might not be for everyone, it might be a great fit for you and what you're looking to learn. For what it's worth, here's something I found on their website that should give you peace of mind: What is the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE? If you attend Drone Command Live and do not feel like it was worth your investment, you can receive a complete REFUND. There is no risk. Register today! (To receive a refund, you must request the refund before you leave the event.)
  18. Yes, there's,, and Really interesting thread, thanks for getting it started @BillH. For what it's worth, we had a great experience working with Lance VanWormer at to build a custom policy for us for our drone flight training classes. The underwriter was Old Republic.