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  1. Hi @MRaff, would have been helpful to share Airilo is for new readers just seeing this thread for the first time. Dug up this thread for you but feel free to add more context around what this Beta is all about and what your goals and expectations are for folks participating.
  2. There's one in Nashville that I thought about signing up for. Curious what others think as well.
  3. Here are a few resources that are top of mind right now: Drones in Fire Departments: The Step-by-Step Process the L.A. Fire Department Followed to Create Their Drone Program - A webinar that Derrick at the LA City Fire Department is doing about drones and firefighting: 6 ways police departments are using drones in their work: How to incorporate drones into police work: New online training course about rapid response drone data: Can you share more information about what your vision is and any other relevant notes around budget, timing, what you need, etc.?
  4. Yo @JCFP — thanks for the @ shout out and appreciate you posting this question. If you're operating under Part 107 and requesting LAANC authorization, you will not be asked to also call or notify the towers or airport managers provided your flight mission falls within the maximum allowable altitudes. I'm afraid I haven't LAANC too much myself. Last week, I ran through it using Airmap, and other than needing to provide my phone number and to verify it during the approval request, a counter just started, and they wanted me to tap it again when my flight mission was done. Very straightforward, took about 5 minutes to talk through. Would recommend using Kittyhawk or Airmap or Skyward and creating a mock mission so you can see how it works. There are opportunities, of course, to work with the tower directly if your mission requires additional consideration and the automated process isn't working. Hope that helps? Hope others can chime in with their own experiences.
  5. Yep, has been done before. Just requires a lot of communication and risk mitigation. From my understanding, nothing in the Part 107 rules prohibits this kind of proximity flying w/ manned aircraft. Would love to see the footage when you're done!
  6. Whoa, that's awesome! Some great tips in this video, thanks for posting.
  7. Tangential and perhaps a bit woo woo to some folks, but I'm concerned about the health consequences of long-term exposure to 5G / millimeter waves. Just not enough research has been done re: prolonged exposure and could have subtle, adverse effects.
  8. Oh, interesting! It's been a while since I set up the account for the first time, forgot about the activation process. Hope you get that email soon!
  9. Welcome to the forum @Wm Paulson — I assume you registered at the FAA's Drone Zone portal. You don't need to wait on anything, it's all automated. You should be able to log into your account and see your registration number. You're not going to get an email or anything in the mail.
  10. @JBR LIFE Photography did you get to drink that coffee that's being made at 1:12? Hehe, great video! I know I've told you this before, but I love the variety of shots you do — it really showcases the property and what it would FEEL like to live there. Re: Peter Lik, it was a great gallery. I've always been a fan of his work, though I have mixed feelings about his pricing and pricing fine art in general (interesting article here). Also had a lot of fun at the National Geographic gallery a couple of blocks away. Beautiful prints that my 2yo got a kick out of.
  11. Wow, thanks so much @JBR LIFE Photography ‚ I love how you were able to lighten everything up to make it feel more like sunrise. Yes, I played with the brush tool a bit but need a lot more practice to be able to properly isolate areas. This is really great feedback and appreciate you taking the time to teach me / share your settings so I can take a closer look at how you use Lightroom.
  12. Appreciate the feedback, all! @JBR LIFE Photography, here's the original file — Would love you to work your magic. Alan
  13. Recently got back from a short trip to Miami Beach with my family. Woke up at sunrise on our last morning there to sneak in some drone flying at South Pointe Park. Feedback, particularly when it comes to the color grading, is welcome!
  14. Hi Jim — our forum wasn't the only place that this offer was posted.
  15. I used and clicked the specific chart, "Las Vegas" — that isolates the chart and allows you to zoom closer into the border of the chart, where you'll find more information like MOA operating altitudes and times.
  16. The floor of Fallon South 4 MOA is 200 ft. AGL...meaning that as long as you're under 200 ft. AGL, you wouldn't be operating in the MOA. And yes, those two statements represent additional information — that the MOA excludes airspace below 2,000 ft. AGL (i.e., the MOA doesn't start until 2000 ft. AGL instead of 200 ft. AGL)
  17. Have flown with Ryan a bunch and can vouch for his equipment being in top shape. This is a great deal!
  18. I'd have to see the Sectional Chart, but yes it sounds like under 2000 ft. AGL, it would be Class E up to 1,200 ft. AGL, then Class E. You could include as part of your application, but maybe parse out that request to make it clear to the FAA that you understand how MOAs work and if your risk mitigation needs to change.
  19. Gio, a lively discussion. Hope it was helpful! Keep us posted if you end up flying. Would love to see some photos / videos