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  1. @Luke — Thanks! We're leaning toward the dark background, but not sold on the colors just yet. I think you're right when it comes to polos, I'll look into sourcing. Looking into print-on-demand services so we don't have to take on inventory, but they're more expensive and limited in what you can do so trying to deal with those constraints. We were planning for this particular design to just go on the front, no UAV Coach logo. But I like your idea of doing a front / back! @Ed O'Grady — Statistics don't lie! Thanks for your feedback
  2. Noodling on some t-shirt ideas for the coming holiday season and wanted to ping you all to see if this idea 1) is complete buffoonery, or 2) if we're getting close and what feedback you have. Honest thoughts welcome. droneshirts_presentation4.pdf (Also, if we had t-shirts or polo shirts or hats or something with the UAV Coach or Drone Pilot Ground School logo on them...would you buy one? Trying to gauge demand.) Thanks! Alan
  3. Hi @William J Droskoski — we've had a number of veterans go through our course. Not sure about Army Ed's policies, would be best to contact them directly to ask. I'm happy to fill out any paperwork needed by them. We have a standing 25% discount for all veterans as well. Shoot me an email at and I can hook you up. Thanks for your service and hope to see you as a student! Alan
  4. Nice to meet you, @Sanket !
  5. One thing you might think about creating is a really nicely formatted FAQ page that lives on your website. And it answers questions like, "Why do I need to hire a licensed drone pilot?" and "Does my drone pilot need insurance?" to help better educate your potential leads. You can send this link out as a resource to potential folks you might be working with who still have questions about what drone pilots can do, what the rules are, how much it'll cost, etc. etc. That could be a good place to start. Here's an article we wrote about website marketing for drone pilots: Hope that helps? Beyond that, I learned a lot reading books like SPIN Selling and The Ultimate Sales Machine — they helped me better understand how to communicate with and how to approach potential customers. And when it comes to content marketing and inbound strategies, I like to endorse HubSpot's free training courses. Really good training videos over there. When it comes to winning someone's business, there are so many variables. The competition — in this case, an unlicensed and likely uninsured pilot who puts everyone at risk — is just one consideration. There's also the client's underlying motives for wanting to hire someone and level of education surrounding the issue, the nature of the mission, the margins, the potential for future business through this one anchor mission, etc. Love that you brought this question to us. It's not an easy one to discuss. Let us know how it all pans out!
  6. Hi @fred berg — thanks for posting. We're going to share this in our weekly newsletter. Do you mind including some photos?
  7. If you go with the Phantom 4 Pro V2...make sure not to get the V2+ as it's not compatible with third-party (mapping) apps like Drone Deploy: Image quality (and most other specs) are extremely close. P4P is slightly better for mapping. You can't go wrong with either.
  8. Hey @EP Lucas — thanks for posting over here. And glad that @Dave Pitman shared that press release. Some great background, directly from the FAA. Here are some other links that might be helpful: Mastering (and complying with) the federal regulations is one thing. When it comes to interpreting local regulations and what Dave shared above, you'll have to use good judgment when it comes to asking for permission ahead of time vs. getting bogged down with red tape and folks who don't really understand the regulations. We've been working with a state park in Maryland to secure a spot to conduct regular DJI training flights. It required a few phone calls, lots of emails, proof of insurance and a $25 fee. Great place to fly and insurance that we won't run into any issues with future flights. Had no problem working with them to get this set up. Another example — my buddy Christian worked with the FAA for 4 months (and had to buy an insanely large liability insurance policy) to conduct the first commercial drone flight over JFK. Given the nature of the work and risk exposure, it made sense for him not to just work with the FAA, but with JFK personnel and other local organizations. It often makes sense to ask for permission ahead of time, to head off the authorities and to take control of the situation before it's even a situation. But there are many times where it doesn't make sense. I suppose that depends on the exposure of your flight mission and how comfortable you feel possibly being put into a position where you're having to defend yourself and your rights to a figure of authority. Hope that helps!
  9. Yes, we'll make sure to promote in next week's email. @Isabella | UAV Coach can you surface this Saturday? @embayweather , appreciate you reaching out. I saw this site, which sort of gets at what you're suggesting?
  10. Here's a good infographic from a post we did with PCS Edventures earlier this year: --
  11. We also have a guide over here: Aside from SkyWatch, there is also Verifly and as well for on-demand insurance.
  12. So when I come to visit you on Maui one day, this is where Lana and I can stay?
  13. Chuck, you're famous!
  14. Correct, if you're flying at / near Richland airport, you're in Class G airspace and would not need to notify the airport under the Part 107 regulations. It's a nice best practice to do so if you plan to be near any of the runways / airport operations, but it's not required. Perhaps that language on the website you're referencing was drafted a few years ago during the 333 exemption process.
  15. I think they're going through some growing pains. I called and left a V/M and never heard back. I then called again and spoke with someone who got our mailing address wrong and didn't inspire a lot of confidence in their company. I emailed their CEO who apologized and said they're planning to move everything to online booking. Hopefully that'll help.
  16. I heard that there was a bit less energy than prior years. But that's to be expected. I'll be there next year!
  17. This is rad! That woodfire pizza oven...YUMMY. Love the variety of shots and storytelling that went into this. Very creative and helps me visualize what it'd be like to actually live there. Appreciate you taking the time to share.
  18. Agreed! And now you got me thinking about how funny South Park is. I remember watching those first episodes in Season 1 like it was yesterday. BEEFCAKE!
  19. If you haven't seen already, this might be helpful: If you hear back from the FAA looking for clarification with your waiver request, let us know and we can help you craft a response.
  20. Thanks for posting, Stephen! Looks like a good deal.