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  1. Great thread, welcome to both @Droner66 and @Rick Barber. Good to see y'all in here. You too, @Isabella | UAV Coach!
  2. I don't think anything is wrong. I think it's human psychology. People are much more inclined to take that initial action of setting up a username and password (for one more new thing) and logging into our forum if there's a chance they'll win a fairly significant package. That's one of the reasons we chose to host the raffle over here. Hoping to drive more engagement amongst our community members. Not everyone will stick around, but at least they're exposed to some of the great discussions going on over here and might feel inclined to participate longer term. As for the millennials, when I first got into this industry, that's who I thought our target persona / market would be. I was wrong! Our students and community members seem to skew more toward your vintage. ALSO, I think some people just don't get your sophisticated humor
  3. Awesome, very helpful. Thanks, also for weighing in @Dave Pitman and @Ed O'Grady.
  4. @Av8Chuck — that's so great to hear. Glad we could catch up at XPONENTIAL earlier this year and congrats on the success. @L&L DRONE VIEWS — I can't tell you how many times I've felt stuck since we got things started back in 2014. I can definitely relate to these words, thanks for sharing.
  5. Thanks for posting, @Av8Chuck. Always appreciate your input and spirit for this community. Yes, we send out a weekly industry newsletter to both our Drone Pilot Ground School students and to anyone who signs up from the UAV Coach website. If you scroll to the bottom of this page — — you'll see a "Subscribe" button. @Dave Pitman — we do not yet have our forum software connected to our email newsletter, not in the kind of elegant way I'd ultimately want to have. Would love to have you join our newsletter, though! And @Av8Chuck, yes you've suggested that the topics in the email / our regular blog posts have a corresponding thread in the forum to encourage discussion. Let me chat with our new Marketing Manager, @Isabella | UAV Coach, about this so we can get it going. Appreciate the nudge.
  6. Let us know what you think! Looks interesting.
  7. Hi folks, I had a great call this morning with a department in Florida who sent me this: Do you know of anyone doing something similar in the U.S.? More specifically, using a drone to deploy an inflatable rescue device over water. Any and all tips / thoughts appreciated.
  8. HAHA much different. If I was in the STL area, I would definitely help out, this is a fun project
  9. Hey @myklrob — nice chatting with you on the phone. The max altitude requirement is 400 ft....any chance there's some kind of balcony the drone could fly over, instead of being away from the building?
  10. Thanks for posting here, Tony! We'll share in this week's community update email to hopefully get you some responses. @Christian Tucci in case you're available
  11. Dang, good point. Maybe a nice compromise would be a more formalized permitting processing — maybe limit time up in the air, or times of day / week. Or you have to have an NPS person present during the shoot. Pay some kind of fee?
  12. Just saw this — Haven't listened yet but plan to. Well said, @Av8Chuck. DroneBase wasn't purchased by PrecisionHawk, but you're right about, not sure about the other one that was bought. I remember two.
  13. I'm very interested — just tried to offer my opinion since you asked.
  14. Hi there @SCPdrone, sorry to hear about your experience. Don't take this the wrong way, but it sounds like you had some unrealistic expectations around them 110% sending you business as soon as you sign up. Unfortunately that's not where the industry is at right now — of the dozens of sites out there sending folks business, Dronebase is one of the best. So is, where you bid on projects alongside others, similar to Thumbtack. There's more listed over here: I signed up with Dronebase over a year ago and have only been sent a few missions. Other students of ours get sent missions almost weekly or bi-weekly. It just depends on where you're located and what contracts they have in place. I wouldn't take your frustration out on them as a company. They're doing an incredible job in this industry and doing their best to deliver opportunities to pilots, without you having to go out there and build your own website, knock on doors, etc. There are VERY few organizations across almost every industry that have a model like this, and they seem to be making it work. Hope this helps? Not sure this is the response you were looking for
  15. Great feedback — @Dave Pitman I had forgotten about that Kentucky case. Weird precedent that was set there. And @Ed O'Grady sounds like you and I have had similar conversations with folks
  16. I got an email from one of our students. Hey Alan! Just wanted to share some information with you! I was working in Marble Colorado filming a property with my drone. Everything went very well. I drove into the little town to eat lunch and had a conversation with a Local shop owner. They asked what brought me to town and I shared with them my drone services. The local shop owner had no problem with my services however they warned me that drones will be shot down in Marble Colorado by local land owners. I tried to explain to her that shooting a drone was illegal, she argued that it wasn't illegal and said it was a legal in the state of colorado to shoot a drone operating over private property. This concerned me GREATLY! How can we keep ourselves safe as drone pilots in remote areas where people are more then willing to shoot your drone out of the sky??? Im not sure I want to work in Marble again after this discussion I had. So there's two questions here: Is it legal to shoot down a drone? How can we keep ourselves safe as drone pilots / handle conversations like this? What do you think? (cc @Av8Chuck, @Steve Bennett, @Dave Pitman, @R Martin, @Ed O'Grady)
  17. Huzzah, that's a great score! Congrats.
  18. Glad to hear it, Rick. Enjoyed those photos! Keep us posted with how everything goes.
  19. Hey @Karl Michael Webster, some data points in other industries that might be helpful?
  20. I can't speak for this event specifically as I haven't attended, but it looks like a good combination of both newbie-friendly content and more advanced tracks. I'd take a step back and ask yourself what kind of training you're looking for, and what your goals in the industry are. This is a fast-moving industry. The more educated pilot is in a better position to succeed. If you think the conference is worth your time and money, that it gets you closer to your goals, then I'd say go for it.
  21. Thanks for closing the loop on this and letting me know you found someone, @CaptainKen! Always nice to connect pilots with job opportunities where we can...appreciate you posting the gig over here.
  22. Whoa, that's interesting @NickStan. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Not sure homeowners would pay a third-party pilot for something like this, but if it was a value-add that the roofing company offered to show the before and after, I'd certainly want to do business with that company over its competitors due to their transparency and commitment to customer excellence. Appreciate you sharing your thoughts over here.