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  1. I'm not familiar with this process, but what hypotheses have you come up with so far? I also feel like some more details are needed here to help you out.
  2. Thanks Darren! Congrats on your company's launch. Exciting stuff
  3. Lots of local legislation to keep tabs on right now, and I suspect a lot more over the next several months. Here's an interesting one out of California:
  4. I'm a big fan of -- he has a lot of different builds with clear instructions, and his website and approach is well-received by the UAV community. If your budget is $500, you've got a lot of options for your first build. Look forward to others' responses.
  5. Hi John, Welcome to the forum! Cool to see that you'll be doing orthomosaics. Will have to connect you to Lewis and Trevor at They've been working on a 3D Mapping / Modeling curriculum. In the meantime, definitely let us know what questions you have. Also, good luck w/ the Big Island Marathon! I ran an ultramarathon last year and am hanging my endurance running shoes up for a while, but love me some good 'ole fashioned marathon training
  6. Spent a lot of time flying the Typhoon G. Same transmitter and overall flight experience as the Q500. I was pretty impressed with how easy it was to unbox, calibrate and get into the air, but don't forget to spend time reading through each of the smart shot options you have. I think it's a great introductory professional system, if that makes sense. Happy to answer any particular questions you have Brent!
  7. Jim, appreciate you reaching out and introducing yourself. I love this winery marketing section you have on your website. Very specific and would resonate well with potential winery customers:
  8. Alan Perlman

    Drone plans

    What's your budget, Bob? What are your goals with this build? What features do you absolutely need vs. what features would you like to have if you can afford them? Need more details here...lots of build options for you but know nothing about what you guys are looking to do.
  9. Hi Tony, it's unclear what your specific question is here? Also I'm going to move this thread to our "Other Manufacturers" section of the forum.
  10. Howdy Rich! Congrats on your new bird. Can't wait to see how she flies
  11. Yasemin, Astro, and Ray--WELCOME! Everyone else, please start a different topic when you're introducing yourself. It'll make it easier for everyone to reply individually and say hello I'm working on a better geographic system so you can meet folks in your respective locations...
  12. Thanks, Golden! I'll figure out a way to better connect folks geographically. Good idea.
  13. Hi folks! After weeks of development challenges and chatting with community members to understand what kind of forum format/design would be most beneficial for everyone, I'm happy to announce that is finally live! I'll be using this particular board for company updates--when we make changes to the forum, when I need opinions on new products, special offers, and more. Thanks for participating in the UAV Coach community and look forward to seeing you around. Fly safe!
  14. Hey Ronk, I'll try to think of a better way to connect folks geographically. Good idea and thanks for posting this.
  15. MICHAEL YOU ARE A GROWTH NINJA AND WE ARE SO HAPPY TO HAVE YOU. Michael also manages our affiliate program and is a marketing wizard.
  16. Awesome (and needed) service. My only advice is to be very transparent about pricing and other expectations like the best way to ship to you, turnaround time, invoicing, etc. Customers want to know all that stuff up front. It's part of gaining their trust. Let us know when you have a live website! I think this is a great business to be in right now.
  17. Will echo the non-GPS practice. Ronk, good call re: the Osmo or some other hand-held gimbal.
  18. Hi Imogen! Are there other ag companies in the UK that you look to for inspiration?
  19. Extreme sports, high-speed chase, what more could you ask for? Will echo David's questions about what your setup looks like. I imagine you likely have a few different configurations but would love to get a sense of what equipment you're using for shots (and client work) like this.
  20. Loved this post from Flight Evolved: Excerpt: There are several things that make a search and rescue job different from the industrial inspection, mapping, and videography jobs we normally do. In our discussions we came up with three UAV types that should be considered for search and rescue drone operations. We ranked each platform on a set of characteristics that we consider the vital considerations for search and rescue drones.