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  1. Came here to post that! Welcome to the forum, @spanick
  2. Ooh, hoping some folks will chime in here. I think the general consensus for a lot of folks is that it's very much a one foot in front of the other kind of situation—those that stick it out day after day and continue to build relationships, to fly, to put themselves out there, to learn and to embrace a consultative sales process are the ones who are going to find business. There's absolutely opportunity out there, but it's a brand new industry, and people looking for market rates, quick money, and blueprints of how to succeed don't get what it takes to hustle and to build a service-based business. It's tough work! #mytwocents
  3. Eeeeeenteresting.
  4. I'd prefer a flight check / operations check by an sUAS-rated CFI over another multiple-choice test any day of the week. Wonder if we'll ever head in that direction.
  5. The FAA just updated their ACS standards today to include more info about the recurrent testing process. Happy to answer any questions if you have them. We'll be sending out a note to our students in a few weeks once we've finished mapping our modules / lessons to each of the items up for the recurrent test.
  6. Yep! Was going to send an email out on Saturday morning. Wrote up a short article about it over here: No specifics on # of questions, but I'm thinking it'll be 40 or 50 based on the 90 vs. 120 minute test appointment time.
  7. Hey @Spitfire76, your image / link doesn't seem to be loading. Here's an article I was reading this morning: Love the autonomous tech and future implications behind Skydio, but following people and cars? Not a compelling marketing strategy / positioning. I'm a huge fan of their team and technology and hope they can find product / market fit. What's happening behind the scenes is quite remarkable compared to everything else on the market. But in the meantime, the price point and use cases being shared aren't doing anything for me. Waiting for them to find traction and don't think it's going to be with consumers.
  8. Interesting, thanks for sharing! This implies that the property owner ultimately owns the airspace up to 400 ft. above their property.
  9. Oh man, a grave mistake indeed Great to see you in here @SeanK. Stay in touch and happy studying!
  10. Oh man! I'm so sorry to hear about the battery situation. Iceland is a beautiful country and a drone pilot's paradise. Too cool re: the DJI store, had no idea they had one over there.
  11. Great to meet you, @Chuck Webb. Welcome to the forum / sUAS community!
  12. Hi @Bullshot, where are you located? In the U.S., the Part 107 regulations for commercial sUAS pilots don't say anything about flying over private property. There's certain critical infrastructure / DOI / government sites that you're not allowed to fly over, and if you're operating from private property, you're going to want to get permission to stand on / operate from / take off and land from that property, but you're allowed to fly over private property without permission. There are other considerations like privacy, local ordinances, etc., but from an FAA / federal perspective, you don't need permission. Hope that helps!
  13. Still waiting on official word from the FAA. Been pestering them for an answer myself
  14. Thanks for posting! Hopefully you'll get some takers on this deal
  15. Helpful, thanks for sharing @Dave Pitman. That's a bummer.
  16. Hey @Philip Moore. We've been hearing 3-4 months from our students. Here's a guide that can help you think more about your application:
  17. Can you elaborate? What's your beef with Airmap?
  18. Hey Dana, great to meet you and welcome to the forum. "Hard to find gigs" depends on how good at sales you are and what your local market looks like. Can you tell us a little more about what kind of work you're looking to do?