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  1. Oh man! I'm so sorry to hear about the battery situation. Iceland is a beautiful country and a drone pilot's paradise. Too cool re: the DJI store, had no idea they had one over there.
  2. Great to meet you, @Chuck Webb. Welcome to the forum / sUAS community!
  3. Hi @Bullshot, where are you located? In the U.S., the Part 107 regulations for commercial sUAS pilots don't say anything about flying over private property. There's certain critical infrastructure / DOI / government sites that you're not allowed to fly over, and if you're operating from private property, you're going to want to get permission to stand on / operate from / take off and land from that property, but you're allowed to fly over private property without permission. There are other considerations like privacy, local ordinances, etc., but from an FAA / federal perspective, you don't need permission. Hope that helps!
  4. Still waiting on official word from the FAA. Been pestering them for an answer myself
  5. Thanks for posting! Hopefully you'll get some takers on this deal
  6. Helpful, thanks for sharing @Dave Pitman. That's a bummer.
  7. Hey @Philip Moore. We've been hearing 3-4 months from our students. Here's a guide that can help you think more about your application:
  8. Can you elaborate? What's your beef with Airmap?
  9. Hey Dana, great to meet you and welcome to the forum. "Hard to find gigs" depends on how good at sales you are and what your local market looks like. Can you tell us a little more about what kind of work you're looking to do?
  10. So much to digest from this. Thanks for posting here and getting the discussion going. Huge day for the industry.
  11. WAIT. Where were the scary robot dogs? Those things seriously freak me out. PARTICULARLY after watching the most recent season of Black Mirror.
  12. We refresh every 1-2 weeks as emails come in, but we're hoping to do an audit of each state and country every 3-6 months.
  13. Hi all, we're doing our best to track local drone laws by U.S. state and by country and wanted to share the link here to make it easy for anyone to find / comment on laws we might be missing: Hat tip to power-member @Steve Bennett for the original forum post back in 2017 or so that got me thinking about doing our own directory of local drone laws instead of relying on, let's just say more sub-par sources of information
  14. Had a great time in Denver earlier this week. Could only stay for a short time but had a chance to sit in on the keynotes (wow) and to explore the XPO hall (double wow). Great to finally meet @Av8Chuck and @Steve Bennett in person! Chuck—I still owe you a beer. Sorry we missed you, @ScottF but hope you had a good show. Got to see a lot of Drone Pilot Ground School students and community members, industry folks and met a whole slew of new friends. (Steve on the in the middle...Chuck on the right) Here are some big announcements from the show: ...perhaps for another thread, but anyone had a chance to read PrecisionHawk's BVLOS research yet? Alan
  15. Hey @Av8Chuck, not organizing a breakfast this time, but happy to buy you a beer My cell is (617) 331-2426...please text me. I'll be running around the halls trying to catch up with people. Only there on Monday and Tuesday and look forward to meeting you if you have some time.
  16. Great to hear, @Spitfire76. How was Greg Crutsinger // Scholar Farms? Will be meeting up with him in Denver next week at XPONENTIAL. His new plant mapping course is puhreeeetty awesome.