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  1. I see here it's $799 just for the drone on Amazon, when the Yuneec and Phantom 2( which my choice is actually now between the Phantom 3 standard and the Yuneec typhoon g) are both $499. After extra batteries and essentiall accessories, the Yuneec is a little under $800. The phantom 3 standard is about the same. The 3DR Solo comes out to a little under $1000, which is more than I wanted to spend. My purpose of purchasing this drone is to mostly use it for low, stable, moving shots in my video production business, and I'm just having a very hard time determining which of the 2 would do that better/easier.
  2. Hello everyone! I am a 28 year old from Raleigh, NC and I own a small film business(mostly music, promotional, skateboarding, and corporate videos so far). I am planning on buying a drone in less than 2 weeks. My budget allows me two choices: the DJI Phantom 2 w/ Zennmuse H4-3D gimbal or the Yuneec Typhoon G, as I own a Go Pro Hero 4 Black. After weeks of grueling research, I believe I've decided on the Yuneec Typhoon G, solely because you can video stream live and see what your recording in flight, unlike the Phantom 2. I'm extremely excited to begin learning how to use and properly film with the drone, but does anybody have any input on the Typhoon G vs the Phantom 2 w/ H4-3D gimbal? Any advice would help. Thanks!! -David Timmons