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  1. Hi all i am very new to the drone world and would really appreciate some insight in how i can begin my new drone business. i understand the repl and reoc requirements. My question is can an agras mg communicate with a phantom 4 drone with a usb or wirelessly? or is it required to plug into a computer to share info. as i said i am very new to this and any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  2. G,day all, I am very new to the world of drones in regards to imaging and spraying. I work for a liquid fertiliser company conducting trials on farms i would spray up to twenty HA per week and would like to include in my offering crop analysis and 3d imaging/ mapping of a property. From what i can gather i would need two drones for this a scout and a sprayer. As i will not be working the drone a great deal i would only require minimal gear for the job what else may be beneficial to this pursuit. If anyone can lend some insight to this it would be greatly appreciated.