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  1. Good afternoon! I’m brand new to drones and everything. I’m looking for a drone for our small rural North Dakota volunteer fire department. We have a budget of $1,500-$2,000. I’ve somewhat got it narrowed down to the DJI phantom 4 or the parrot anafi thermal. My guys are leaning towards the phantom because it’s the most well known brand. I like the thermal aspect of the parrot because it would be used for search and rescue and also fire suppression. Biggest question is how would the smaller parrot hold up in the open prairie winds of North Dakota? Or is there a good cost effective way to put thermal on the phantom down the line? Thank you for all your help! Hope to be getting a new drone soon! edit: Trying to do some note research here myself too. Is the DJI Maverick 2 enterprise also something I might be interested in?