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  1. Does anyone here fly an Impossible Aerospace, US-1 UAV or know of someone who does? I am looking to connect with an owner/operator/pilot who has access to this manufacture/model UAV. I am working on a research project and the US-1 is a missing piece. Any assistance in reaching someone using an Impossible Aerospace, US-1 UAV would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!
  2. I am excited to announce the release of…. Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS): Assessing Business, Operational and Security Risks UAS AUDIT CHECKLIST This unique document provides over 270 questions, categorized by functional areas, for discussion and review when considering a commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) program, or assessing an existing commercial UAS program. A detailed table of contents, discussion items, and an audit checklist glossary are a part of this unique and comprehensive Audit Checklist. and…… UAS RISK ASSESSMENT WHITE PAPER This White Paper takes an internal audit approach to addressing the risks associated with UAS utilization in a commercial environment, and assessing organizational preparedness. Readers will be guided through the steps necessary to establish and manage an organization’s UAS program. With over 40 pages of information, the white paper, when used in conjunction with the UAS Checklist will identify and raise many critical questions that an enterprise must address when implementing and then managing a UAS program. Products may be purchased individually or as a bundle, and in quantities for corporate, school, or industry meeting use. If you are interested in more information on these and other UAS Risk-management products, please visit the web sales site at: Thank you for your interest and support of our just released UAS risk management products. Cheers, Big Al
  3. Hi everyone... Can anyone recommend a website where I might be able to find a comprehensive list of the flight file formats for various UAVs? As for example… The flight files for DJI would look like this DJIFlightRecord_2019-12-20_[09-25-09].txt The flight logs for a Bepop would look like this Bebop: droneFlight.txt I am attempting to identify flight file “format” examples for as many of the following manufacturers and associated models as possible: 3D Robotics, 3DR H520-G Action Drone USA, AD-VW1 Aerialtronics, Altura Zenith Autel Robotics, EVO Azur, Skeyetech Delair, Delair UX11 Draganfly, Commander EHang, EHang 216 AAV FreeFly, Alta 8 Pro Hubsan, Zino2 Impossible Aerospace, US-1 Insitu, ScanEagle Kespry Parrot AR. Drone 2.0 Sky Viper, Journey Skydio2 UDI, Fury U39 Wingtra, WingtraOne Yuneec, Typhoon H If anyone owns an above model and would be willing to provide me with the file format, I would be very appreciative. Any assistance that you may be able to provide will be very welcomed. Thank you!
  4. Dear Forum members & participants… I am writing a chapter on UAV forensics for a forthcoming book on cyber forensics. I would like to include an example of: 1. The type of information that is in a EXIF data file, which is created and stored, once an image is taken by the UAV's camera. 2. The contents of a .DAT file, again to provide an example of the type of information contained in this file type. I am looking for someone willing to share a current .DAT file and/or his/her EIXF data file, to be used as an example of both file types and their respective contents, for inclusion in this chapter of the book. I am NOT looking for any EXIF or .DAT files that may contain proprietary, sensitive or restricted information. If you have been out with your aircraft and have taken some images, cows in a field, a building, a roof top, a sunset, and would be willing to share the EXIF and/or .DAT file, I would be extremely grateful. I can offer two options for citation of your contributed material. Option one, if you do not wish your name used, I can simply state that the image was contributed by a Forum member. Option 2, if you would like your name mentioned, please provide it to me and I will include your name in the image citation. If you are a business owner and wish the company’s name and contact information included in the citation, please provide that as well. Thank you everyone in advance, for any assistance you may be able to provide toward my research efforts. Cheers, Al
  5. Hello forum members... My name is Al and I hail from the mid-west. Originally, however, from the East coast. I own consulting practice, which provides IT security, audit and risk management services to a global clientele. I am also an academic, researcher, author and student of Korean martial arts (Tang Soo Do). My interests in joining the forum are both personal and professional. I look forward to learning more about the UAS/UAV emerging market, applications and related, evolving technologies. It is nice to meet all of you and I look forward to an engaging experience, here on this forum!