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  1. Does anyone here fly an Impossible Aerospace, US-1 UAV or know of someone who does? I am looking to connect with an owner/operator/pilot who has access to this manufacture/model UAV. I am working on a research project and the US-1 is a missing piece. Any assistance in reaching someone using an Impossible Aerospace, US-1 UAV would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!
  2. I am excited to announce the release of…. Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS): Assessing Business, Operational and Security Risks UAS AUDIT CHECKLIST This unique document provides over 270 questions, categorized by functional areas, for discussion and review when considering a commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) program, or assessing an existing commercial UAS program. A detailed table of contents, discussion items, and an audit checklist glossary are a part of this unique and comprehensive Audit Checklist. and…… UAS RISK ASSESSMENT WHITE PAPER This White Paper
  3. Hi everyone... Can anyone recommend a website where I might be able to find a comprehensive list of the flight file formats for various UAVs? As for example… The flight files for DJI would look like this DJIFlightRecord_2019-12-20_[09-25-09].txt The flight logs for a Bepop would look like this Bebop: droneFlight.txt I am attempting to identify flight file “format” examples for as many of the following manufacturers and associated models as possible: 3D Robotics, 3DR H520-G Action Drone USA, AD-VW1 Aerialtronics, Altura Zenith Autel Robotics, EVO Azur,
  4. Dear Forum members & participants… I am writing a chapter on UAV forensics for a forthcoming book on cyber forensics. I would like to include an example of: 1. The type of information that is in a EXIF data file, which is created and stored, once an image is taken by the UAV's camera. 2. The contents of a .DAT file, again to provide an example of the type of information contained in this file type. I am looking for someone willing to share a current .DAT file and/or his/her EIXF data file, to be used as an example of both file types and their respective contents
  5. Hello forum members... My name is Al and I hail from the mid-west. Originally, however, from the East coast. I own consulting practice, which provides IT security, audit and risk management services to a global clientele. I am also an academic, researcher, author and student of Korean martial arts (Tang Soo Do). My interests in joining the forum are both personal and professional. I look forward to learning more about the UAS/UAV emerging market, applications and related, evolving technologies. It is nice to meet all of you and I look forward to an engaging exp