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  1. Hello Guys I recently purchased my first FPV. I had trouble at first but i'm getting the hang of it. I am having a major issue. I purchased an Arris C250 v2 which came with a RadioLink AT9S radio. out of the box the radio was synced to the drone so I didnt have to sync them. Recently a friend of mine found an RC Car and thought it would be cool if I had it. I was excited to jump on it , Knowing that my radio can control multiple type of RC's . So i changed my settings to vehicle under model type and fooled around with it. I didn't know that i needed to install a transmitter to control
  2. I appreciate that. Thank you for the support. I spent a few hours today flying was a way better situation than yesterday . A few hard landings but no crashing. I still wish i can stop the quad from falling out of sky sometimes....just for now...until i get my bearings
  3. I just checked the specs. it has an F3 flight controller with OSD and a 30A 4 in 1 ESC Board Hopefully that helps
  4. Thank you for replying. No! this is my first FPV drone to break me in. I thought I saw someone online saying how to do this but i've lost the link. This drone is an RTF so i'm not sure where to look. I guess DJI spoiled me lol. is there a general setting that i'm looking for ? my controller has options like motor cut or throttle hold. is that any of those ?
  5. Hello Guys. I am new to the fpv droning scene. I do own other drones (DJI). I quickly realized this was a whole new ball game. I am having some setup issues I think. I was excited when my Arris C250 V2 was delivered yesterday. After unboxing i wanted to put it in the air. Went outside cranked my quad up and took off. At this point all was well until i hit the throttle down and the drone came crashing down. Of course I broke all of my propellers which leads to my question. How do i setup my controller or quad to keep the motor running after I throttle down so it wouldn't come crashing dow