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  1. Hello Guys I recently purchased my first FPV. I had trouble at first but i'm getting the hang of it. I am having a major issue. I purchased an Arris C250 v2 which came with a RadioLink AT9S radio. out of the box the radio was synced to the drone so I didnt have to sync them. Recently a friend of mine found an RC Car and thought it would be cool if I had it. I was excited to jump on it , Knowing that my radio can control multiple type of RC's . So i changed my settings to vehicle under model type and fooled around with it. I didn't know that i needed to install a transmitter to control the rc car. Once I found that out. I wanted to get back to my quad. I went on the settings and returned it back to the multi rotor settings. Now my drone is not working. it definitely connects to the control but the config is all over the place. I cant get the engines to spin. everything else works. it does react when i flip some switches between attitude and gps mode. but engines wont spin when i throttle up. i am lost. at this point I just want the factory settings so i can fly again. I've been down for 2 weeks. someone help me.
  2. I appreciate that. Thank you for the support. I spent a few hours today flying was a way better situation than yesterday . A few hard landings but no crashing. I still wish i can stop the quad from falling out of sky sometimes....just for now...until i get my bearings
  3. I just checked the specs. it has an F3 flight controller with OSD and a 30A 4 in 1 ESC Board Hopefully that helps
  4. Thank you for replying. No! this is my first FPV drone to break me in. I thought I saw someone online saying how to do this but i've lost the link. This drone is an RTF so i'm not sure where to look. I guess DJI spoiled me lol. is there a general setting that i'm looking for ? my controller has options like motor cut or throttle hold. is that any of those ?
  5. Hello Guys. I am new to the fpv droning scene. I do own other drones (DJI). I quickly realized this was a whole new ball game. I am having some setup issues I think. I was excited when my Arris C250 V2 was delivered yesterday. After unboxing i wanted to put it in the air. Went outside cranked my quad up and took off. At this point all was well until i hit the throttle down and the drone came crashing down. Of course I broke all of my propellers which leads to my question. How do i setup my controller or quad to keep the motor running after I throttle down so it wouldn't come crashing down???/ Please help. I bet its a simple fix.. I have an ARRIS C250 V2 controller: Radiolink AT9S