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  1. Yes the Evo has a very promising lineup of drones, but the Mavic air 2 was released after the Evo. Was there any specific reason why uavcoach decided to review and list that product first?
  2. Congrats on the 5 year anniversary! Keep up the good work helping to educate and train people around the world, like you said it's amazing how vast the drone industry has become and we can potentially be just scratching the surface on the capabilities of flight.
  3. BLOVS is hard to work with using drones, good luck for taking on such a challenge. You say that you want to get into stuff work related, what kinds of jobs did you have in mind? Type into youtube or google "parrot Disco LTE drone"
  4. Hey UAV coach, I was going through the list of drones that the company recommended and in the top 7 drones it doesn't list any of the Autel drones yet already has the Mavic air2 on the list. What did you not like about the new Evo2 (8k or 6kpro) that prevented it from getting onto the "top drones" list? Looking forward to hearing from you.