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  1. Hi CherriePie! I have not purchased a system, but what I did was use access and created my own. Really depends on what information you are trying to capture, but using this it works well with sending information or letters with word documents and spread sheets. It is not nearly as expensive, but you do have to create it which can be cumbersome.
  2. Patricio, Sorry I have not given you a call yet. I will be able to tomorrow, did not want you to think I was ignoring you.
  3. my training is this coming weekend and will be happy to share my experience once it happens. However, so far they have delivered on everything. I have not had anyone tell me different with the other people who licensed with them. I will keep you posted.
  4. I know I am hoping it works, ha ha...however, I also am not putting all my eggs in their basket and learning as much as I can about the field and the opportunities. I am interested in learning as much as I can. I do have to pace myself because there is so much I don't know as well.
  5. I might have come off a bit too strong or defensive. Sorry about that. I think it is interesting the approach they are taking, might not have been the way I went, however, I am okay with how they have done it. I personally will not be surprised if this part of their plan is to find good pilots, get them trained the way they want and then start going for the national or international branding. I go to california next month for the training so I will let you know how that goes.
  6. DDD I can not speak to others and how they feel, only myself and my past experience with being in business. There are some "Back Room" process they take care of that I will not have to worry about until I am up and running, if I choose to. Such as data storage, editing of video, and an app they created for people to order services as well as the website. Also, I have never paid only $500 for a website, by the time it is done I have spent anywhere from $1500 - $3000. I do not produce website myself and I do understand that once you have the template the rest is simple. However, even if I h
  7. I have the training in October in San Fran. Any chance you are going to be there?
  8. Steven, I have not received any messages. Have you checked them out?
  9. Yep, especially now days, you have to be careful when expanding.
  10. Hey KDS, There are many reasons to go LLC over Sole Proprietor for me. It will depend a bit on your own situation and your financial risks and what state you are in. I personally went LLC because of the liability portion offers a degree of seperation in case of being sued. Income is taxed as regular income. Until I have enough business I have my people on as 1099 employee's who I pay per job. Again their are laws that dictate if someone is a contract employee or a regular employee and you want to make sure you follow those. I like having an attorney guide me through these types of w
  11. Best of luck!! Truly
  12. Ha Ha, It is interesting to see the number of people that think it is a scam but proceed anyway. For me it has been working as promised. I also went with them because of all the back office support that is already built and I will not have to build it from scratch.
  13. No I am in the Pacific Northwest, Portland area.
  14. ElDubya, You are with DronesForce as well in Texas?
  15. I took the plunge. So far they have delivered on everything they promised. Got my Drone they explained to me. Got the course for the 107, they developed a logo for me as well as a website. It is a bit of a leap of faith because Valley Drones you are right, I couldn't go into their HQ, also when I did Google Maps their name is not even on the building. In doing some research through the Canadian licensing I was able to discover that the company is relatively newer. So I will say, so far so good.