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  1. I got to it, by going to FaceBook and typing in Drones Force Pilot Group. It is a private group and yoiu have to vetted to get in. They will help you with that. www.facebook.com/groups/469925957301412/about
  2. Are you sure they are the same people?
  3. Just go to the FB group Drones Force Pilot Group and ask to join. They will require you (eventually) to provide proof, but they will let you in or tell you who to contact. I will let them know you might request to become a member.
  4. Yes both are correct, however, the training the FB group is trying to put together sounds much more comprehensive. I am looking to see if I can get in on that as well, depends on location and timing.
  5. Well Patricio you are very correct that no one got what they were promised. Apparently in Canada though, since "parts" of the contract were fufilled it moves it to a civil and not criminal.
  6. Wasn't a franchise. It appears it was just a ponzi scheme of sorts. Some people got a few things they agreed to, but not everyone.
  7. Artur, The training was done by DartDrones, it was just done in Fremont at a Marriott there. So you can check out all their trainings at dartdrones.com Good luck, it was worth it. Are you part of DronesForce debacle? If so wait a little because we have people speaking with them to see if they can help with training cost.
  8. I agree with Steve, When I got on here they were fulfilling everything they said they would do, got my drone, got 2 trainings, got a POS website that they never fixed or got right, never met with marketing, yadda yadda yadda. Then they stopped. Was it a scam or just a very poorly run business? you can decide, I feel like it was a scam, by people who knew how to skirt the law just enough to make it more complicated for some. I am hopeful the FB group will put together a plan that will help most of us keep moving forward. If anyone wants to reach me I have a couple of emails danhawk@protonmail.com is encrypted for converstations. or Friend me on FB, although I was about to sign off until this stuff hit the fan. I will keep you posted on an updated website.
  9. Good ideas. I am not sure why they would have someone in the group, but I could see that if they are trying to keep things at bay!
  10. To my knowledge no details are available. a FB group is looking at going after them, there is a website for posting internet fraud they suggested. Other than that it is like "Catch a Mole" we will have to watch for them to poke their heads up. and they will.
  11. This does suck!! protect yourself get to your bank and make sure they don't withdrawl any additional funds. Also, I did think the premis was a good idea, there are serveral of us who are up and running, I am wondering if we can form some type of network to salvage some of our work. I have a bit of business experience, my son develops apps, has a data management company, Patrick in NY is a video beast! I am sure there is a way not only to salvage this but grow it as well?
  12. Hi CherriePie! I have not purchased a system, but what I did was use access and created my own. Really depends on what information you are trying to capture, but using this it works well with sending information or letters with word documents and spread sheets. It is not nearly as expensive, but you do have to create it which can be cumbersome.
  13. Patricio, Sorry I have not given you a call yet. I will be able to tomorrow, did not want you to think I was ignoring you.
  14. my training is this coming weekend and will be happy to share my experience once it happens. However, so far they have delivered on everything. I have not had anyone tell me different with the other people who licensed with them. I will keep you posted.
  15. I know I am hoping it works, ha ha...however, I also am not putting all my eggs in their basket and learning as much as I can about the field and the opportunities. I am interested in learning as much as I can. I do have to pace myself because there is so much I don't know as well.