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  1. DHawk

    Drones Force

    No I am in the Pacific Northwest, Portland area.
  2. DHawk

    Drones Force

    ElDubya, You are with DronesForce as well in Texas?
  3. DHawk

    Drones Force

    I took the plunge. So far they have delivered on everything they promised. Got my Drone they explained to me. Got the course for the 107, they developed a logo for me as well as a website. It is a bit of a leap of faith because Valley Drones you are right, I couldn't go into their HQ, also when I did Google Maps their name is not even on the building. In doing some research through the Canadian licensing I was able to discover that the company is relatively newer. So I will say, so far so good.
  4. DHawk

    Drones Force

    I will keep you posted, as I am interested in the back office data analysis is already done, the front office is worked out. 20k is a large sum of money/might be risky but what isn't now days? Dan
  5. DHawk

    Drones Force

    Pacific Northwest...Oregon and Washington. They are a legit canadian company, just relatively new one, February 2020.
  6. DHawk

    Drones Force

    I will let you know, if I proceed what happens. Dan
  7. DHawk

    Drones Force

    Klavon, Did you ever find out. I have been considering the same company