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  1. Samsung Galaxy j3 orbit Android phone with holystone 100g. I have used for almost one year. What I find is that it may record to the phone or may record to the card but I haven't clearly understood under which conditions. It does the wifi connection to the phone OK, but the distance is severely limited -- maybe 50 feet or so. The realtime image stops on the phone at after it goes past that distance up or sideways, once in a while reconnecting for a moment or two. I used only the controller for a test today -- with the phone connected but no commands sent from it, just the buttons on the controller to take photos and video. I think this is happening: It stores videos on the phone if the phone is in range. If not, it stores them on the chip. If I start a video close by, it starts on recording on the phone and then no recording out of range. If I start a video out of phone range, it records on the chip all of the time. So my current strategy, take single pictures whatever the distance and expect some to be on phone and others on the cell. Only start recording when out of phone range (pretty close -- but when you lose realtime viewing) and then come in closer or go away and it will record all on the chip and does not seem to record on the phone. If you do something wrong, like click a photo during video it will corrupt the video and you lose it. Buggety Buggety Buggety!!!!!! However for $150 and a third free battery I find it rather nice for learning on. My next drone should actually work as stated, have some image stabilization and be higher resolution. My videos are very hard to keep stable manually