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  1. As a follow up, I had a bit of fun testing and cut a bit of a video. Quite responsive and happy with how she flies. Still some issues related to jello in the video, but am putting it down to the dampeners being too soft.
  2. Hans, a late reply to your post, but I've only just come across it. I work for Aerialtronics and am happy to answer questions you have.
  3. Hey Rylan, This sounds really good, I'm interested in how you were let down by other apps and how they are more American focussed. I'm an Aussie too, but based in the Netherlands. I'd be more than happy to have a discussion about it and see if we can't work something out. If you have the info on the ones that you feel weren't quite up to scratch, would be great to check out. I also shot a message to a few microelectronic engineer mates about the GCPs, haven't heard back yet, but I did stumble upon these which could be interesting I assume it has the accur
  4. @Rylan Loemker Nice, appreciate the info! Definitely going to look into them some more.
  5. Yeah exactly! The points above were merely examples of some possible things I could create, without having better ideas myself Although I have been thinking about a GPS tracker tailored for UAVs, especially for smaller POV craft that want to minimise weight, looking into LoRaWAN recently which could potentially be more interesting than GSM. Anyway... The Ground Control Points sound interesting... I don't know much in the area of mapping, and have a dive into your post and Propeller Aerobotics, but not sure I know exactly what it is for. If you have some more insight or can lead
  6. In short, I'm changing jobs and should have some time on my hands in the coming months. Is there something that you feel is missing from your UAV life, in regards to an app, a website or even a physical product? I have the capabilities as well as outside help where I can create these types of things. For example some things I have been thinking about: UAV app with customisable preflight checklist, weather conditions etc (kinda exists already though) Low power, low weight, low cost, GPS(or other) beacon for finding lost craft Website for showcasing, selling footage or
  7. Yeah I'm pretty sure it's only the EuroUSC that offers it as far as I know. I just got a pretty detailed email from them too, I might set my sights on that!
  8. Hey @Alan Perlman, I appreciate the help and for the not being a hard sell for your course , i have been considering it as well, as I guess I can't learn too much! I'll check out the links! Thanks again
  9. @Alan Perlman perhaps you could help me out. I am looking to get qualified as a UAV pilot, setting my sights on some companies in Europe. They are looking for pilots with a BNUC-S qualification, which I have looked into. It involves theory and an examination as well as a practical examination. At the moment, I am a hobbiest and could definitely use more flight time and theory, but unsure whether I should just dive headfirst into this BNUC-S course or try something else out first, like your course for example. The startup I work for now is having issues and I have been laid off, so ob
  10. Will do for sure! Living in the Netherlands I'm unfortunately blessed with a lot of rain
  11. I just recently finished a build, I bought the Quad frame and used all my own components. It was pretty easy, although the only gripe is that I had to get a bit creative with mounting a few things such as the GPS, and still trying to sort out my gimbal mount. Although that being said, I haven't flown her yet, so not sure if she will get off the ground just yet! I have 30amp Afro ESCs, 650kv motors, 11 inch props and using a Naza + GPS as the flight controller.