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  1. initiated the return to home. My P4 then went to max height and hovered not responding. I had the RTH icon at the correct place, had RTH altitude set correctly. It wouldn't respond to the sticks. Finally, at 10% battery it starts landing. Never did that before. frightening ! I checked all the setting and didn't find a problem. Note; the RTH did this both in Litchi and DJI Go on two separate flights. I also had just successfully updated firmware for drone and remote. any ideas. thanks
  2. flying during a nice sunny day and the camera on auto is way too dark. iso 100, 1/2500 sec, f 2.8, ev -3.0. I switched to manual and the best pix i could get was bright enough but very little color. iso 100, 1/800 sec, f 2.8, ev +0.7. I'm not adept at photography and am still learning what the setting mean. I've had the P4 for 3 years and the picture was brighter. I am using Litchi software. Any suggestions or questions would be appreciated.