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  1. Hi Don, Thanks for taking the time to jump in on this, I really appreciate it! I haven’t messed with it much since then, honestly a bit scared to put it up in there with it not behaving as I expected. I don’t have that info on me at the moment but tomorrow I’ll make sure to go get that for you. I’ve updated all the firmware for it except for the esc board (which is because the newest firmware I believe is not compatible with the esc board I have). I think the biggest thing I need help with is tuning for the load once I get the altitude hold working. I haven’t worked with anything qui
  2. Hey everyone, I’ve been flying dji drones for a long time, but I thought it was time to upgrade in order to carry my nicer DSLR cameras for my photo/video stuff. I was gifted an old Cinestar 8 with the mikrokopter electronics stack. I’m new to heavy lifters. I understand it’s going to need a lot of tuning, but I’m having some issues with it. I’ve gotten pretty comfortable flying manual but this is obviously not ideal on the job, so I’m trying to get the altitude and gps modes to be more reliable. I’ve calibrated the compass and gps, yet it has the tendency to drift around quite a bit, ev
  3. Great, thank you for clarifying this! Would be a great tip to add into the drone pilot ground school course.
  4. Airspace can be a complicated idea to wrap your head around, for sure. In my experience I’ve found the Kittyhawk app to be a pretty good representation of where you can fly, and they will give you maximum altitude values as well. if your close by a large airport, your ability to fly may be very restricted. It’s very much worth your time to look into sectional charts in your area to get a better understanding. Learning to read these takes a little time but they give you the best idea of where you can fly. I will go find an excerpt of your area and see if I can help you understand it a
  5. So just to clarify. This means that the class E starting at 700ft does in fact require authorization for any part of our inspection that goes beyond the 700ft AGL Mark, correct? However, in this case, we do not have to request authorization for flights in class E extensions to airport airspace, only airspace that is designated as class E all around the airport to the surface (magenta dashed circle).
  6. Hey everyone, I was just curious if anyone knew of a good, free flight review application? I'd like to be able to check on my UAV's health, review flight logs, etc after my flight jobs so I have better info to go off of in the future. If I can't find a good one, I might just go build one... But I'd much rather find one that already exists.