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  1. Hi Nick, There are a handful of reputable companies out there that specialize in integrating drones into a workplace. I don't want to recommend any specific because I haven't used them myself. However, if you just google something along those lines I am sure a few prominent names will appear. I'll try and answer your questions the best I can but please understand I am not an expert and have only been flying myself for around 6 months. A.) From my experience a beginner can pick up one of these name brand drones and learn to fly it very quickly with minimal effort. I've only flown a few varieties of DJI Brand drones and their user controls are always very simple to follow. Basically, if you've ever held a video game controller in your hands you can fly a quad copter. It just takes some practice getting used to handling the controls while not keeping your head down. Once I got more comfortable I spend most of my time watching the drone as I fly to where I am trying to go occasionally checking the screen for camera positioning. B.) You can fly a drone without a license at all however, if you want to fly a drone commercially you need to obtain the CFR 14 Part 107 License. It sounds like a lot of work but I promise it isn't. It took me a couple weekends spending a few hours here and there going through the course. By the time I went to go take the test I was in and out in 30 minutes. I do not work for UAV Coach but I figure since this is their forums I'll give you a link to their program to assist you in obtaining it or at least point you in the right direction of what you could look for. C.) In order to answer this question people will probably ask you what are you trying to do with the photos? Are you taking them for in-house only, outside marketing, roof inspections etc etc. I don't think there is a "go-to" drone but there are a handful of good ones. I've flown the Mavic Air 2, Mavic Pro and the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual. They're all amazing and I have nothing but good things to say about them all. The only advice I could give to you on this one is look at your budget, shop around online and compare the specifications between battery life/flight time and camera capabilities. I'd also suggest always getting the "fly more" combo from any company. The extra batteries, accessories and the case that typically come with them are amazing and well worth the extra money. Best of luck to you out there! Hopefully this answers a few of your questions or at least points you in the right direction. Steven
  2. Hello Everyone! I was just thinking today, I see drones on social media becoming more and more prevalent within the community. Mostly for recreation only as probably expected. However, it got me thinking. With so many people buying drones that vary in quality what happens to them when they crash? There are 3 categories in my mind. - There are the drones that are too cheap to bother with repair. They most likely collect dust and eventually get thrown away. - Those that are expensive enough to at least see what it could cost to repair the drone. - Those that hopefully have insurance through the manufacturer and can get a replacement. Regardless, I live in California and when I google Drone Repair I only found 2 and they were both in the Bay Area! Do you think that is because there isn't a good enough resource for people to properly learn how to repair these? An example would be DJI. DJI is a large company that any drone pilot knows about. Do they not have enough parts to be ordered to repair their drones? How do the other company's like Parrot or Yuneek compare possibly? I have my hands full with too many projects as it is but I was just curious if anyone else out there has thought of this and what your thoughts are? Do you expect to see more rise up like we did cell phone repair companies? Do you think Drone Manufacturers will keep everything in house?
  3. Haha, Oh man this would be a very cool drone. I can just picture it now...a beautiful sunrise over the lake. Birds chirpin, fish splashin the tops of the water. All of a sudden the sound of a million Bees comes flyin through deploying bait like depth charges. I wish I could help but that amount of weight to carry would need some strong servos. You would need probably 6 to 8 large servos to be able to lift the weight of the drone + 4.4lbs (2kg) and maintain a steady and safe flight. For example, the DJI Inspire 2, which is a fairly large drone uses 4 servos and weights 7.5lbs. Maximum weight to take off is 9.3 lbs. You've got to find that sweet spot of a very very light drone with intense servos.
  4. This post is from awhile ago but something you might look into is new propellers. If your propellers are slightly bent from your crash it could cause drift. That would be my first guess.
  5. Hello all, I currently own a couple drones with various capabilities. I am part 107 certified. One of the rules regarding 107 is to not interfere with emergency areas. I live in central California. The fires are VERY close to family and friends. Some have already had to evacuate or are under evacuation warning as of now. My question is, could I reach out to the local law enforcement, emergency services and offer my assistance? I imagine I'd need to stay well within the 107 parameters and I wouldn't be under any liability protection from the state. I just feel like I could at least offer assistance with a loud speaker drone to possibly pass the word along to civilians on the ground etc. I have checked the airspace and it is all temporarily under restriction until the end of the month. I imagine if they did take me up on my offer I'd have to call the ATC and get approval to fly within certain quadrants at restrictive elevation levels. Just curious what y'all think? I've already offered to help with truck and trailer to help get livestock out etc. Thanks for your time, Stay safe. Steven
  6. @dragonbaseball68 I've been flying the Mavic Air 2 and the Mavic Pro. I have only used Scan Disk products and haven't ran into any issues. Not to say they're flawless but I imagine with any and every product some people will have bad experiences. I don't see any reason not to use them over any other name brand. @Flight Crew I would recommend reaching out to the Drone's Force team. They have a few websites they direct people to who are interested in their program.
  7. @DHawk Yes, I will be there in early Oct. Looks like we might get an opportunity to meet face to face!
  8. @Steven Marsh I have not either. Congratulations on the successful first missions as well. You seem to be the furthest ahead of all the other new licensees here.
  9. This thread is really receiving some attention. What a ride we are all about to go on. Hopefully getting started is a bit easier for you folk not in California! I've been tryin to get my advanced training class scheduled for a few weeks now but the covid restrictions here are making it a pain.
  10. @btjdrone Prior to signing up myself, they gave me 2 licensees that were already up and running to contact. One they provided because the market was very similar and another just because I asked for more than one. They both weren't extremely helpful but they did answer a few questions. As far as Feedback goes I haven't done my first mission yet. I have received the drone, completed the online training, Website will hopefully be done next week. Last thing is they want you to do a 2 day in person training course to really understand how to work the drone you are purchasing. Not just basic flying but the different settings for the IR Camera etc. That is all I am waiting on but due to Covid the classes have been pretty difficult to get squared away. I would recommend being ready to wait. If you sign up, I wouldn't expect to start flying commercially the following week. It takes some time. @dragonbaseball68 I think most people on this forum aren't flying live missions yet. We are all somewhere between just signing the agreement to waiting on in-person flight training before going live. I have spoke to a few people and there are those who are just doing it solo and will hire more pilots as it makes sense and then there are people I've spoke to who are taking the approach you are where they have a pilot or two on standby as contract pilots being paid per job. For all of our sake, I hope we all need to hire more pilots and the work is plentiful.
  11. Hi all, I am also signed with them out of Central California. Awaiting my equipment and website is in the process. I am already 107 trained. As far as I know the next process will be doing in person training with dart drones and then hitting the ground running. It seems as though there are a lot of us all within the same starting process. I've already connected with a couple of the new licensees. It would be very nice for us to create an environment we can communicate to each other.
  12. Hey @remotelyunltd When I first started with the Tello I was absolutely blown away at how great of a drone it was for $100!! It definitely isn't something people can laugh at. It does very well for the size and cost!!
  13. @ElDubya What territory are you lookin at? One thing I like about them that I've found so far is that they're more interested in finding someone that they can invest in rather than putting a few people per territory they want to see one person operate and grow their business. They're a small corporation right now but I they have had success in other parts of the US.
  14. @DHawk I sent you a private message. Also to reply to your last comment I have done a LOT of research on this company and I'm fairly certain I've found every article online about them, I've talked to people who are already licensed with them. I haven't found anyone that is in the same shoes as you where you are just getting started like you and I. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. That picture on google maps was taken in May of 2019 and I don't think they started on social media until November of 19 and they registered as a corporation in Feb of 20.
  15. What information do you have that proves they are a legit company? @DHawk With today's technology I feel like everything can be botched somehow and for those of us not local to their corporate headquarters we can't just walk in and meet face to face for affirmation lol. Maybe I'm overly paranoid.