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  1. As of today if you want a bargain priced drone, the P3 with lots of extras will be available for cheap every where!
  2. GoPro has taken a lot of my money, though recently so has DJI. GoPro has got build a better drone than the Solo (not hard to do) to have a chance at breaking in to the drone market. GoPro has shot them selves in the foot over and over again in the UAV market. Not allowing 3rd party access to camera controls cost them their relationship with DJI and nearly tanked the Solo before it ever got off the ground. GoPro used to be standard for ariel video, but GoPro would not listen or least was incapable of acting on consumer demands and has lost a lot of ground. If Intel or another major financial backer wants to capitalize on the GoPro name, helping them to build a better product maybe. I really think it is going to require a non GoPro management team to make the Karma fly.
  3. I think it is safe to say the P4 has just made all other consumer drones including the P3, Q500 and Solo all but obsolete. ( I just bought a P3 for Christmas- doe!) Introducing the P4 at the same price as last years P3, is going to make it hard for competitors to take any new market share. I wonder if 3DR will stop touting the solo as a "Smart drone?" I have a feeling the executives at 3DR and Yuneek are sweating pretty hard tonight... Time to update the resume! The P3 as of today might just be the best deal in used drones going. There will be thousands for cheap on eBay by tomorrow.
  4. I personally think video is going to become the standard for listings. It was a big step to move from black and white adds in the newspaper to color, from color adds to web hosting of stills-video adds will be the new standard just as soon as the realestate agent's competitor starts using them. The video walk throughs might generate enough new work for a person wanting to quit their day job to be able earn an income while the aerial photography market is still in its infant stages. I am still looking at UAV's as tools. As much as I would like to be a professional UAV pilot, I don't yet see them as a profession in them selves, but a great addition to other professional lines of work.