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  1. If you want to chat email me. Ive been experimenting with some options. Im a home inspector. I have come up with a few cheaper options this video and picture was made with flir one. My email is dronepicus@gmail.com
  2. Your site doesnt work on mobile. Im using note 4 and its all messed up.
  3. dronepic

    N Numbers

    You should be fine. But the othdr guys that said they did it online thats what they did. They just reserved there number.
  4. Do you make logos. Im looking to have one made up ?
  5. dronepic

    N Numbers

    The online form is to reserve your N number if thats all you did you currently do not have an N number. You have to call the number and have then send you a registration form. Only the faa can send you it. You put your reseved n number on that and send that in. Then you will get your N number
  6. dronepic

    The Parrot Bebop

    Do you have a skycontroller. The bebop is very hard to control just using phone.
  7. Hi there Matt from New York. I own an inspection company so i started looking into ways to make my business safer and more efficient. Uavs will help solve alot problems. Im an active memeber on a few different Facebook groups and i look foward to networking with different people. I fly the parrot bebop and yuneec q500 .