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  1. Backstory: I am trying to make some of the inspections we do inside huge water reservoirs "unmanned". Making it quicker and safer to do these inspections (i.e. we don't need to put people in the water). My original idea was to put a camera on an RC Boat (built a prototype that went well) the only down side is not being able to see the "ceiling" in detail. These ceiling are about 50-100 ft high. My next thought was a drone, have personal experience with them as a hobbyist. This way we could get up higher and see the detail that we needed, also the model I was looking into (SwellPro Spry) would let us see underwater as well so we could check the liners etc. Question: My company is pretty progressive and is following the drone laws etc to a T. They have trained pilots and things (but not in our area). We want to pitch this idea for them but don't think it will go through if we have to be have one of the trained pilots flying it/get licensed. Setting aside the fact that I realize only an very experienced flyer should be flying inside, are there any laws or regulations we would be breaking if this drone was never actually in open air? Would we need certifications still. I understand this is a unique question, and I can't find much through the internet, since rightfully so the main issue is needing training to prevent hazards from flying in the air. To be clear the reservoirs are all enclosed, usually about 300'x300' with 50'+ high roof. No one else would ever be inside (it is the point of having the drone). Even if someone could possibly send me in the direction of a person I could ask. If it is possible that if this is never used outside, that we wouldn't be liable per the FAA stuff, I think my company would go for it.