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  1. And now - here is the Tello doing a range of 1000 feet:
  2. I would agree - but all the FAA regulations, nervous onlookers when they hear/see the drone, etc. - makes me uncomfortable (especially when I am trying to get a video project done). The Tello eliminates all that. Once launched - you can barely hear it or see it. And it's weight is less than 100g - with a battery! Sure - the video resolution isn't that great nor the distance (although I've been able to get about 1000 feet) - but that's ok. I'd rather go FPV for the next phase. Here is the video of the Tello doing 1000 feet:
  3. But have you seen the latest distance test with a desktop router - 300m / 1000 feet for a Tello:
  4. Here are more videos using the Tello but now paired with a dual band Wifi Extender:
  5. It seems using a dual band wifi extender (like the tp-link TL-WR902AC) almost completely removes the pixelation on the video recordings. Here are samples: Here is the video on how to configure the router:
  6. BTW - I just tried using a dual band wifi repeater/extender called the tp-link TL-WR902AC (AC750). This router allows the phone to connect to the router at 5Ghz and I was trying to fly the tello like a Cinewhoop to try and make the video recording go all frozen and frame drops - I couldn't make it do so with this router. Check it this small footage to see the performance This is the video for configuration of the router:
  7. I might look into FPV drones - but I am definitely keeping my Tello. You have got to try the S speed setting (using the TelloFPV flight app). I found the Tello very fast. Not an FPV or racing drone - but quite fast.
  8. The DJI Ryze Tello will work with most bluetooth controller (ranging in price from $20 to $60). Add the TelloFPV flight app for about $6. Get a Wifi Extender (anywhere from $20 to as expensive as you like - lol!) - and you get a long range video capable drone and that can fly super fast (when required) with a Return to Home function (despite not having a GPS). Checkout:
  9. Funny - I just saw a video on this as it is definitely a good question to ask. I found this YouTube video to be informative:
  10. Yep - one can call the Tello drone a toy and that is a great thing because is well below the 250 grams which means the FAA (or some other countries) regulations are not likely to be applicable to it. Plus, if you have the patience - you can shoot better videos that this: ...and extend the range by using a cheap Wifi Router/Repeater like this: Compare that to a $500 or more Mavic Mini or an even more expensive Mavic Air 2
  11. Folks, Just weighing in... I fly a lowly DJI Ryze Tello - which really has no GPS. Yet, if you use the TelloFPV (by Volatello in Google Play Store) - it has a Return To Home function that works very very well. IMHO - the Return to Home is crucial as the drone is so small - you can't see it when it is a mere 50 or meters away (maybe even less). And you can't hear it once it is at a height of over 5 meters. I was even thinking of adding some sort of strobe light on it to help VLOS. When coupled with a good Wifi Repeater (like the one below) - then the range is even further extended (like nearly triple). So yes - Return to Home is crucial. I'd also say some sort of sound or stone light is crucial (at least for the Tello) as it is so small - it is nearly impossible to see or find if it should land on its own (like in low battery situations).
  12. Hiya Steven, I just got into this hobby too with the Tello. I can go get a Mavic Air 2 - but I am just exploring what a simple Tello can do based on some footage I have seen: It seems TelloFPV (by Volatello) is the way to go for Flight Control and the use of Wifi Extenders to increase range and video reception quality at a distance: Mavic Air 2 one day? Maybe - but I like what the Tello can do and likely go Cinewhoop one day soon!
  13. Sorry - but the Tello simply isn't 1080p - more like 720. And my flying skills are still not there (needs patience and skill) But for such a simple inexpensive drone - it isn't too bad - no? Enjoy!