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  1. I don’t know who you are but i did invest like others and I defended the company and I admit I was wrong now. They did deliver on everything they promised throughout the process and I had no reason to doubt them. I read through this forum and others have also said positive things about this venture. DHawk is one of those posters. I’m now trying to move forward and I will do that with or without help of people here who don’t want to collaborate.
  2. Has anyone been able to get any details?
  3. Flying since early August. No complex missions yet until I get used to more simpler ones but been getting steady jobs.
  4. I do have my site up but exactly who are you and what’s your purpose of being here? Constructive feedback is appreciated but you seem to post negativity which is not welcomed. I am a licensee and do understand there is risk associated with any type of venture. I’ve owned a couple of franchises in my life which carried even more risk than this business model, so I do understand what I’m in for.
  5. I like my own brand in my own market targeting local businesses. They are generating missions for my business and I got a couple of my website as well already.
  6. Are ya'll getting messages on here from other drone companies wanting to use us for their missions or is it spam?
  7. Reporting to ya'll after first few weeks in operations. Got my first payment last week for the first 3 weeks. Had a few missions but they were basic that's the only thing. They told me more complex missions they will start marketing after 90 days of basic ones. Also looking at getting a friend trained, as I see the calendar is slowly filling up. Good luck guys and I'll keep ya'll updated.
  8. I got my drone and it’s not a $1500 unit. It is about $5,000-6,000 retail when I checked. Training I don’t know how much it would cost. Website built for me and I know from prior experience it is about $2,000-3,000. I would say I already got half of my investment back before having a single service mission. Agree no guarantees to sales but I received everything I was promised so far. Nothing bad to say.
  9. Same here. I’m very excited to hit the ground running after I get my 107.
  10. Found this page so want to inquire fellow dronesforce partners on their experience and what to do expect. I signed up with them in May and received my equipment as promised and completed my prep course online. Going to take my 107 next week and then I’m ready to fly. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.