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  1. today is the 2nd day i try to fly again, and i am more relaxed now. here is the video
  2. ahh that's a very good idea! thanks ! i will try it. for now i have the chance to train this weekend in the big field(dont have many chance to go here). i will do this training in a smaller field next to my home but thankyou this is a very good idea!
  3. wow! didn't expect to get any slight compliment but thankyou! and also thankyou for the warm welcome in this forum. yes, i think at some point im way behind the aircraft because sometimes i got so nervous and my fingers trembled 🤣. i am still training with simulator a lot and flying it LOS (not fpv) too.
  4. guys im new and i have crashed like 50 times (not to brag but just so you know how new i am and how far i have gone).i record a video today and wonder what you guys think i should do?i mean, please comment about my tunning (PID) , or the way i drive or anything so i can progress is the video