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  1. I have 16 counties central PA. Latest update- My website is up and running as promised. Passed the 107 and waiting to receive permanent certificate in mail, then forward to Drones Force and will be enlisted in ground school.
  2. btjdrone, I have a photo but this forum won't allow me to upload it due to size. I received the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise with 2 batteries, flood light, loud speaker, and hard case. It is what they promised.
  3. dragonbaseball68, I'm starting with one other pilot. I share your optimism and have a few other potential pilots waiting to see how everything pans out. I'm definitely in a smaller area in terms of population.
  4. Quick update everyone. I just received my hardware and everything is as promised. Almost finished with the 107 online class and will be scheduling the test soon. I'm curious how you all are proceeding in terms of LLC vs sole prop, use of business attorneys, other neccesary equipment, and so forth. Being new to the drone business I would appreciate any advice. Also are you starting with any pilots and how do you plan on paying them, 1099 or hourly? Either way, how will you come up with their wage? Thanks all!
  5. Yeah DHawk, everyone has been friendly and professional to this point. I was very attracted to the business model and the fact I will receive support, marketing, and jobs. I can still work my FT job in the meantime. Update- I just received my login info for the 107. I'm excited and more confident in my investment now. So far so good!
  6. Hello all, I'm happy to see a thread on this company. I've recently signed the agreement and paid for a territory in Pa. I've been told my hardware will ship next week and I've been contacted by their IT department in regards to the website and email addresses. I remain cautiously optimistic this isn't a scam and seeing some of your posts help. I'd appreciate any advice, opinions, and input anyone can provide as you all move forward on your business ventures whether related to DronesForce or not.