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  1. I really like the idea of assembling my own drone for my specific needs, but i'm just tooooo unexperienced. I need a coach
  2. OK I sent an email. The nxp is missing much stuff I need as much I understand being a drone noob. If you know any other ready-to-go programmable drones that I can buy, let me know.
  3. How do I figure out all the hardware I need and find the stores? I'm good at programming but total zero about how to build a actual drone from parts. "off the shelf" sounds good, but I found nothing like that in page. Could you elaborate, please?
  4. I want to buy a programmable drone (c++, Python preferable). Fly zone is in the woods, so max flight time is important as well sensors for obstacle avoidance. I must be able to code & process the camera input and do pretrained object recognition (like with openCV lib.). Any suggestions? Budget is 500EUR max :/