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  1. Hi all, I just bought a PH 4 Pro with less than an hour on it and took it out yesterday for some training. Noticed at some point I could hear a high pitched kind of noise that was intermittent but consistent throughout the hour or more I practiced. In layman's terms it sounded like a dry bearing on a more traditional piece of equipment. I found a YouTube vid of someone with the same problem but no description of what the problem was. Just trying to get an idea before I have to take it to the shop. Anyone out there with a similar problem? I installed low noise props when I got it so the sound
  2. Hi everyone. Gary Dunn here. New pilot, Part 107 holder and business owner wanting to expand into drone photography and all that that implies. I operate out of the Dallas area and will be flying a Phantom 4 Pro. Looking forward to contributing to the group. My new company will be called Liberty Airmobile once I get going. Stay well. Catch you later. GD