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  1. This is such a great innovation! An easy to use Drone insurance on demand. How Drone professionals wouldn't be impressed with this Service!! Is the Service available in Canada as well? I've just found out the services are currently not available in Brazil.
  2. HireUAVPro sends us daily emails with required Drones Services! Thank you so much for sharing this job information list with us, @Alan Perlman !
  3. I've been giving Wondershare Filmora a try.... Its a pretty interesting and relatively cheap option for video editing! Photo editing: The old Macromedia Fireworks.
  4. I still haven`t done inspections inside metal buildings but i think the metal will affect the UAV compass calibration and thats a risk when flying it. Please share with us any new information.
  5. welcome @John from the UK ! Hope you enjoy your course, its great fun! Don't worry about crashing it at the very beginning, it happens in the best families!
  6. Good evening, I wonder if any professional UAV operator has had any experience with online job agency and could share if its worth it. Also please let us know if there is any other UAV online job agency on the market. I am currently running my Drone business in Brazil and i am intending to start my Drone company in Canada or in the US... Thank you.
  7. Sorry, i was wondering if these Drone business websites have more features than just being able to do a portfolio (showing pictures and videos, which are already worthy it to have.) If owners are able to add like forms, newsletters, or any other interesting feature for the website. and Yes, the post actually answers my question! Cheers and sorry if my first question seemed to be a loaded one.
  8. Welcome, @wjules ! If you come from an aviation and photography background, you will definitely love to fly Drones and also its final results! I usually encourage those who are getting into the drone world to start by purchasing the same drone model as i did and i've never regreatted it, which is the Phantom 3 Professional from DJI chinese manufacturer. Please share any doubts you have. Happy and safe flights!
  9. I think is absolutely a great idea to implement Drone piloting training in schools for kids!
  10. Is there anything else specific for a professional drone business website part from having the feature to add all pictures and videos? Cheers!
  11. Thanks @Alan Perlman ! I am looking forward to doing the 3D MAPPING AND MODELING course as soon as i get a chance, as the UAV Coach courses are definitely worthy it!