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  1. Yup. Contract was awarded a couple weeks ago. I haven't seen an award notice yet, but I've heard only a few vendors were awarded.
  2. @ArchAngel Did you find a solution to bid on the RFP? I know they were due today.
  3. My view on operations in controlled airspace is that all that is required is permission from the ATC controlling facility which in the case of D, C, and B would be the tower. Class E controlling agencies can be a little trickier to find. Operations in C and B are more than likely out considering you have to have a Mode C transponder for operations in their airspace. If I were to try an operation in D surface area, I would call the tower on the phone a few days prior and have exact coordinates, distance from airport, altitudes and times of the operation. I would have a VHF radio to be able to communicate with the tower during the operation. This might be overkill but the more professional and organized you are, the more likely they are going to allow you to operate in their airspace. One quick note on Class E. There are not a ton of areas in the country where you would be operating in class E if you are adhering to the 400 AGL limit. They floor of the vast majority of class E is 1200 AGL. Around some airports there is a transition area where the floor drops to 700 AGL. There are some areas that class E extends all the way to the surface, but you do not see that very often, especially in the eastern United States. So if you are below 400 AGL, you are below the vast majority of class E in the United States. This is why it is so important to understand your sectionals.
  4. There is actaully a solar powered aircraft flying around the world right now. It's just about to finish up it's flight. It uses the sun to power the aircraft and charge batteries during the day then runs on battery power at night. Pretty amazing accomplishment. You can follow along live here Solar impulse Live I think using hydrogen in airships went away after the Hindenburg.
  5. Does anyone know if the cinematography course is still on schedule to release this month. I Part 107 has been keeping everyone busy. I have flown helicopters on video shoots and am really looking forward to learning the other side of things!
  6. It's expensive but I use Foreflight Mobile. It has everything that you could ever need. Sectionals for the entire country, GPS location, AFD information for the entire country, weather, etc. That being said, I am also a commercial pilot so I can without question justify the annual fee. It might be overkill for drone operators.
  7. Will the test for non pilots be specific to UAS? If it is not, I have used ASA Prepware for all my pilot certification written tests and have been very happy with it.
  8. I just completed the Part 107 sUAS online course. It's pretty straight forward but if anyone has any questions, I would be glad to answer them.