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  1. I'm so new, I don't have a drone yet. Since I was looking at earning a drone certificate at a local college, I had inquired about a recommendation for a drone to acquire that met the program's requirements. Any recommendations? Thanks, james
  2. Hi, I'm looking at earning my FAA-issued Part 107 Certificate at my local college while working on an Unmanned Aircraft Systems Certificate. As part of flight training, if the school's drones aren't available, I would need to acquire my own. Here are their requirements for the drone: -- Meets part 107 requirements and is registered with the FAA -- Has an internal or gimballed payload with camera and video capabilities -- Has ability to fly for a minimum of 18 minutes on a single battery -- Has telemetry and location data (GPS and Profile) readily available While this s
  3. Hereafter, I want you to fly with a camera to photo- and videograph your sightings so I can enjoy those experiences too.
  4. Hello from New Hampshire, Just found and joined your site. My initial fly-by suggests that this is a great place to start familiarizing myself about the drone industry. As a COVID-19 work casualty, I'm looking forward to refreshing my web skills and piloting drones. The video aspects of the UAVs are amazing to me. As a 60 year old geezer, I'm hoping my youthful enthusiasm can take me to new heights and teach me a few more tricks. Too early to retire -- want to do something fun and helpful.