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  1. Hi there, I fly a DJI phantom 3 pro since a few years now. i learned with a gas operated rc helicopter inside a hangar for real ones. We used to roll them outside so could have room to practice. So after an hour of just sliding it on the floor to control the tail rotor (it had floats), the floor was oily!! I had to wash it so that the pilots wouldnt kill themselves coming in! After mastering the tail, now came the time to take off,,,my heart was pounding! And as you say,,,in the air it’s unpredictable,,,it has a mind of it’s own! The gas, the noise, no gyros, no video monitoring ,
  2. Hello every body, New guy in town, living in the eastern townships in quebec near the Vermont border. I have been droning since a few years now, just the basic level, no commercial license. Started out with a gas rc helicopter with no gyro...that was a challenge compared to what we play with today!! Might not be alone here with that past!!! I joined because you can always learn tips and tricks about rules, flying, equipment etc,,,, so a million members is better than my lonesome self! Thanks for having me around! Clear skies! Michel
  3. Hello everyone, i’m a drone pilot from Canada, basic license, not the commercial one. If i gave aerial pictures of my house to my neighbour because his was also seen on the pictures. Lets say he wants to sell his house can he use the pictures? is selling his house with my pictures considered a commercial use? for him?...can he be fined? He’s not a drone pilot. ,,,for me? Since i gave him the pictures, i didnt make money, i didn’t sell the pictures to him. Lets say i moved and on the internet 5 years later he used my pictures on a realtor website to s