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  1. Just received shipping info from Apple on our new Phantom 4. Delivery Tuesday 3/15! I ordered it last week! We decided to order through Apple believing they might get their orders shipped long before DJI and this appears to be so. Also ordered extra batteries from Apple and it looks like we'll get them Tuesday or Wed. We had ordered the batteries directly from DJI since Apple didn't have a skew for them when we ordered the "4" last week, but they just received the skew and believe they'll have them in the store on Tuesday. When I checked in our account on our DJI order th
  2. Hi All, just joined this forum. Looking forward to a good discussion. We've (my wife/partner Kelly) have been flying for a couple of years with a Phantom 2. Just ordered a Phantom 4 from Apple. We have a video production company and have the aerial component as a value added service. thx...jim