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  1. Honestly, my music industry work kept me focused on getting this in order for my drone work product. I’d love to see courses that delve into some of the legal hurdles we face-too much lack of knowledge and good information out here. Happy New Year to you, too!
  2. For the client, I am granting them full use worldwide for the images I do for them, but that client work used for anyone else (especially that includes monetary compensation) will require my permission. I haven’t revisited that T&C since I put it up (COVID+family), so coming into 2021 before I engage a client should warrant a review considering your comment. Thank you!
  3. There are plenty of on-line resources you can use to develop your contracts and agreements, especially your photo licensing agreements. Every business will have different needs, but at the least, explore and write out terms and conditions for your clients to engage you professionally. Those T&As can be transmitted as you see fit. For what I do, I have mine as part of agreeing to my FAQs and have them book through my website (www.kpcvisualservices.com).